Dan Danilo and Jorge check out the Handbook…

Dan, Danilo, and Jorge: check out the Handbook schedule posted here. It contains deadlines for parts of the handbook that you’re writing.

To the furthest extent possible I think we should try and stay ahead of the curve and create basic documents in all categories – should be easy since we’re splitting the work and have immediate peers that we can ping about layout and content.

I’ll get a draft handbook overview started with placeholder pages – should be a good way to kick this off. Hello 2013!

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Plan for migrating mobile dev blogs and forums…

Plan for migrating mobile dev blogs and forums as discussed in #wordpress-mobile earlier today.

  1. Forums:
    o Create new forums titled “Mobile” here with “Requests & Feedback”, “How-To & Troubleshooting”
    o Add a way to select app when posting new threads
    o Close old forums and add note about the new ones
    o Migrate old forums over to be sub-forums of “Mobile”
  2. Dev blogs:
    o Migrate dev blogs, starting with a less busy one. Categorize all posts from the import with the name of the platform for good slugs and easy categorization in the future.
    o Add way to select platform when posting new posts on make/mobile
    o Map old URLs to post on make/mobile
    o Close old dev blog, repeat
  3. Landing sites (including official blogs): hold off until other migrations are complete. We’ll want to figure out how and where the landing sites will live in the WordPress.org infrastructure.

@nacin is going to look into Forums and Dev blogs starting next week. @aerych is helping out where needed.

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