To make it even more inviting to contribute…

To make it even more inviting to contribute and kick-start great patches I added two buttons in the sidebar that are direct links to the GitHub repos for the iOS and Android projects. Hopefully this, with some updates to the mobile handbook should make it a lot less intimidating to actually start contributing.

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Heads up just updated this p2 a great…

Heads up: just updated this p2 a great deal. It should now be much easier to…

  • Learn what the Mobile Group does
  • What projects within WordPress that we work with
  • How to start contributing
  • How to get in touch with the team and the team reps
  • See when our next Dev Chat is
  • What our ongoing projects are
  • Filter posts by our main projects (using tags) in a menu

Hopefully this should make it easier to get started with contributing and open the group up more to the community.

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Plan for migrating mobile dev blogs and forums…

Plan for migrating mobile dev blogs and forums as discussed in #wordpress-mobile earlier today.

  1. Forums:
    o Create new forums titled “Mobile” here with “Requests & Feedback”, “How-To & Troubleshooting”
    o Add a way to select app when posting new threads
    o Close old forums and add note about the new ones
    o Migrate old forums over to be sub-forums of “Mobile”
  2. Dev blogs:
    o Migrate dev blogs, starting with a less busy one. Categorize all posts from the import with the name of the platform for good slugs and easy categorization in the future.
    o Add way to select platform when posting new posts on make/mobile
    o Map old URLs to post on make/mobile
    o Close old dev blog, repeat
  3. Landing sites (including official blogs): hold off until other migrations are complete. We’ll want to figure out how and where the landing sites will live in the infrastructure.

@nacin is going to look into Forums and Dev blogs starting next week. @aerych is helping out where needed.

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