Dev Chat Summary for Jan 6, 2014

Chat log.


  • Next week’s dev chat
  • iOS Status
  • Android Status
  • This Week

Next week’s dev chat

We decided to cancel next week’s dev chat since we’ll all be traveling by that time.

As such, the next dev chat will be held at 17:00 UTC on Jan 20 in #wordpress-mobile on Freenode.

iOS Status

Wrapping things up, fixing the remaining issues has been the priority for some time now. 10 issues remain as of writing this.

Android Status

The 3rd 2.6 beta was out last Friday. Not quite code complete but very close. RC and code freeze expected early this week as well as a translation push

This Week

iOS: RC (code freeze) by Wednesday this week = QA time. Translations pending.
Android: RC (code freeze) sometime this week = QA time. Translation request coming shortly.

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Hey everyone quick update for the iOS app…

Hey everyone – quick update for the iOS app. We are making it official, but we’ve decided to stop tracking issues through Trac and are now tracking everything through Github issues.

As a part of this transition, we’ve migrated over all the open issues from Trac and added them to Github with the trac label. If you want to chip in and help, report a bug, or suggest a feature, go ahead and open up an issue through Github.


Handbook update looks like the Other Apps and…

Handbook update: looks like the Other Apps and Other Apps/webOS pages are ready to be reviewed. This means the entire Handbook is done pending changes by @sendhil for the iOS section.

We’re on the home stretch!

FYI @rachel_mccollin

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Weekly dev chat summary for Sep 23, 2013

Chat log.


  • Android Status
  • iOS Status
  • Handbook Status
  • This Week
  • Next Dev Chat

Android Status

Since there are still a few bugs to take care off, the road map was revised so we can do a second beta this week and release on Oct 7. We need to test more with Jetpack to make Stats are working like they’re supposed to.

NUX and the new, native Reader will be the next release after that, towards the end of October.

The Android project is in dire need of beta testers. If you’re interested, keep a look out for a post appearing here soon or simply comment on this post.

iOS Status

Our update for iOS 7 was released and got some nice attention. There’s been some serious bugs and a bug fix (3.8.1) is already out, with 3.8.2 being submitted tomorrow most likely.

Once bugs are out of the way, we’re pretty much ready to release Themes. Media is also looking a whole lot better. The visual editor work will be postponed to later in October.

As far as the refactoring goes, we’ll pick it back up once we’re done with the current feature iterations — it’s likely that there are going to be more changes needed after we’re done with all of these.

Handbook Status

@rachel_mccollin took a look at the Handbook and posted her notes. BlackBerry has already been updated and Windows Phone cleaned up, but the iOS section still needs work. @aerych urged the iOS contributors to divide the work in between them and write up the missing documentation.

This Week

Since the vast majority of the contributors working on the iOS and Android projects will be out the next 7 days or so, the projects will only be monitored and development will be picked back up around October 4-8. For Android, the beta will be the top priority and for iOS it’s taking care of the most severe bugs showcased in the app.

Next Dev Chat

The next weekly dev chat is scheduled for September 30, 2013 at 9AM PST/16:00 UTC as usual. Most of the regular folks will most likely be out, and since the projects are on a little hiatus we don’t expect much that will need to be talked about. However, we’ll still have it and anyone that wants to join in and chit-chat is more than welcome to.

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@karmatosed will create some wireframes of a re…

@karmatosed will create some wireframes of a re-imagined NUX/set up flow for WPiOS over the next few weeks. She’s also added to this p2 so you’ll see her posting here occasionally.

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Heads up the mobile dev chat was cancelled…

Heads up: the mobile dev chat was cancelled this week since attendance was low. Next dev chat is (as always) on Wednesday at 15:00 UTC in #wordpress-mobile. Be there!

There are two dev cycles in progress currently:

  • WPiOS 3.2 (Notifications, Featured Image support, and a visual editor for iPad on iOS5+, and more)
  • WPAndroid 2.2 (Featured Image and Gallery support)

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