Dev Chat summary for June 12, 2013

Chat log


  • WPAndroid 2.4 Notifications
  • Windows phone app update
  • BlackBerry “legacy” app
  • New contributor projects/tickets
  • iOS 3.6.1
  • iOS Native Reader

WPAndroid 2.4 Notifications

The notifications update as released Tuesday and its been well received.  We’ve noticed a few corner cases bugs have popped up.  They are being actively squashed and a new update will be released as soon as the last one is confirmed DOA.

For the next planned release we’re working on two separate tracks: an update to NUX following along the lines of the iOS update, and a native reader.

Windows Phone App Update

An update to the WordPress for Windows Phone has been submitted and we’re awaiting its review. This update adds gallery support for self-hosted blogs running WordPress 3.5 or higher, and fixes the top five bugs reported.  We expect Microsoft to approve the app by Friday. Yay!

@daniloercoli noted that we’re seeing an issue with header of the xml files we get from Glotpress for use in localizing the app.  Visual Studio treats the files as they are incorrectly formatted, even though the header visually appears okay. Not quite sure what the issue is but we pinged @markoheijnen about it for further investigation.

BlackBerry “legacy” app

We’ll be working on an update to the “legacy” BlackBerry app.  The goal of this update is to address some connection issues that folks have been experiencing and to reintroduce the “Need Help” dialog and a direct link to contact support.  We’ll also fix an issue we’ve found with the stats feature and jetpack blogs.

New contributor projects/tickets

@mrroundhill suggested we might identify tickets/features that would be good for a new contributor to pick up.  This could be something as simple as tagging tickets in track.  We thought this was a great idea and mrroundhill will be posting a follow up about it on the make blog.

WPiOS 3.6.1

A bug fix release is being prepped to submit to Apple.  A lot of issues have already been addressed (…release;3.6.1) and we’re just trying to get one or two more into this release.  We’ll most likely submit today or tomorrow.

WPiOS Native Reader

After some delays to get the last couple of features just right the required API changes are now being reviewed. We still have a few things left on our checklist. The next few days will be about getting the final graphics, implementing infinite scroll, and making sure everything works correctly on the iPad.  We’re looking at finally having a beta of the native reader ready by Monday June 17th.

Next Week

The next dev chat will be on June 19, 2013 at 15:00 UTC. Mark your calendar and join us in #wordpress-mobile on Freenode.

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Mobile Dev Chat Summary for Oct 3, 2012

Today’s discussion mainly consisted of WPiOS planning. Chat log.


  • WPiOS planning
  • XML-RPC in 3.5 (status update)

WPiOS planning

  • There are 9 tickets left in the 3.2 milestone, visual editor, sounds, and the WPcom Notifications panel have been moved out to meet the deadline (1 week). Feature set for 3.2 is now Featured Image support, app settings moved in-app, and comment push notification support for Jetpack-enabled blogs.
  • For sound effects, we agreed there needs to be a setting to turn them off (#1407-ios).
  • We discussed a new way to approach app development (starting with WPiOS). We’ll try this for the next few releases. In short:
    • Trunk should never be broken and effectively be submittable for bug fix updates without enhancements.
    • Enhancements should be worked on in branches or outside of trunk until ready.
    • When enhancements are ready and tested, an update is submitted and the version number is bumped.

XML-RPC in 3.5 (status update)

  • Core is now in beta, but a few issues remain with the API improvements. @markoheijnen is going to take a look at these, among other things wp.getUsers has an issue and there needs to be a way to mimic wp.getAuthors.
  • Overall we’re in a good place for 3.5. We should start planning app updates around the release so we can support the improvements once they’re available (revisions + real previews, galleries, user details editable through apps).

Join us for the next weekly dev chat on Wednesday at 15:00 UTC.

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Mobile Dev Chat Summary for Sep 26 2012…

Mobile Dev Chat Summary for Sep 26, 2012

We had a shorter meeting this week but still had some good discussion (chat log):


  • WPAndroid 2.2. Launch Update
  • 3.5 XML-RPC Improvements
  • WPWindowsPhone 1.7 Discussion

WPAndroid 2.2. Launch Update

3.5 XML-RPC Improvements

  • Patch for #21397 was reviewed with some feedback, and @markoheijnen updated it and added a new patch. Team is doing their best to get this in 3.5 still.

WPWindowsPhone 1.7 Discussion

  • A bit of trac cleanup for 1.7 has been done, but more needed. @irbrad will review the milestone.
  • @daniloercoli has picked up a few tickets and will likely start dev next week.
  • We discussed how to get up and running with the Windows Phone 8 SDK.

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