Wireframes from a session at WordCamp Norway dev day

@isaackeyet and me got together during the WordCamp Norway dev day and talked through some possible interfaces for the starting screen and sign in section. We talked through various approaches in other apps and took forward some ideas from the dev chat last week such as single sign in.

I’m attaching the current idea here.

A few notes:

  • The first 2 screens are just showing suggestions for the initial screen which will be a step by step guide through (walkthrough) the features. Think Circle for the scrolling down and potential animation possibilities.  The plan is our own take either with custom backgrounds/photos or icons (such as the WordPress icon set perhaps).
  • The 3rd option shows the ‘slide in’ log in screen. This would slide up to show the form – showing the under page so you can easily get back again.
  • The last option shows the keyboard in size comparison.  This will probably have the return button changing depending on context.

Looking forward to what people think.

Some suggested mobile designs

As @isaackeyet mentioned I’m exploring some options.  I’ve started thinking firstly of some specific screens and will move into some flows this coming week.  These are ideas away from what we have now and that was one of the points in doing this – to not be influenced by what we have and just think ‘what if’.

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Screen stages experimental suggestion: (using colour to indicate either types or graduation for pure styling)

Adding new post wheel interface: