Get Involved by Porting Objective C to Swift

Howdy iOS Devs!

If you’re interested in contributing to WordPress for iOS but aren’t quite sure where to dive in, one thing to consider is taking an existing Objective C class and porting it to Swift.

Its safe to say the iOS community as a whole has been pretty jazzed by the new language, I’ve certainly been, and the team would like to see Swift used for more things. This isn’t limited to new classes, we’d also like to start migrating existing code written in Objective C.

If you’d like to get your hands dirty with some practical Swift code, here’s your invitation to dive in. Great candidates to port to Swift are any of the Categories in the app.

Give us a shout on #WordPress-Mobile on Freenode, or ping us on Github. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Contributor days handbook page

Back in January @isaackeyet and I chatted with @siobhan about what sort of things someone would need to know to get started at a mobile contributor day. Siobhan’s posted her write up to the handbook and everyone should go check it out. 🙂

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Hey guys We need to update https wordpress…

Hey guys. We need to update now that the nokia, webOS, and winphone blogs are hidden and the apps unlisted

Github repos for WindowsPhone and Legacy BlackBerry

This morning I finished setting up Github repositories for the WordPress for Windows Phone (trac), and WordPress for Legacy BlackBerry (trac) apps.

The svn history and authorship are preserved, however, if I missed linking up an author to their Github account let me know. For both Github repos I’ve set the default branch to develop and the associated website to this blog.

Both svn repos included directories for graphics and other binaries which I have not tried to import. I think its probably fine to just leave them in their respective svn repos, but if we want to move them let’s talk about the best way, adding them to a new branch seems weird.

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Weekly dev chat summary for Feb 03, 2014

Chat log.


  • iOS Status
  • Android Status
  • Team Rep
  • This Week

iOS Status

Last week we released 3.9 debuting the app’s new tabbed interface, including lots of optimization and bug fixes.
Since its release we’ve become aware of a handful of bugs including one regarding a post’s publish date, and one where the app forgets the last viewed tab when reopening.
We’re currently focused on getting 3.9.1 released to address these urgent issues and expect to submit to Apple later this week.

Android Status

We released 2.6 last Thursday. There are a handful of bugs (about 10 exceptions) we’re working on for a 2.6.1 release later this week.

Team Rep

Last week we acknowledged we were due to re-up our team reps and we called for volunteers. @irbrad and @astralbodies have both expressed interest and will be taking the reigns as reps for the mobile team going forward. Congrats guys!

This Week

iOS: Complete fixes for 3.9.1 and submit to Apple. Begin work on 3.9.2.
Android: Complete fixes for 2.6.1 and release to the Play store.

Next Dev Chat

The next dev chat will be held at 17:00 UTC on Feb 10 in #wordpress-mobile on Freenode.

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Team Reps

Hey Mobile Team! Guess what. We’re overdue to elect new team reps.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the role of a team rep, it largely focuses on communication, being a point of contact for other WordPress teams, and keeping other teams up to date with what what we’re up to. You can read all about it or just ask if you have questions. 🙂

For this round of elections, let’s do a PollDaddy poll like we did the first time round. If you’d like to throw your hat in the ring, just leave a comment here saying so. This Friday we’ll vote via PollDaddy poll and choose the reps for the next three months.

Chime in if you have any questions or comments. 🙂


Looking back at 2013

At the start of a new year, its nice to take a look back over the previous year and reflect on where we’ve been. Twenty thirteen saw a lot of changes and improvements in the WordPress apps. Let’s look at some of them.

WordPress for iOS

WPiOS saw five major updates and several minor releases in 2013.

We welcomed contributions from Pivotal Labs, and we’re looking forward their great work on Themes and Media features being available in the app early 2014.

We ended the year with the release of 3.8.6, our final release supporting iOS 6, and we’re all anxiously awaiting the planned late January release of 3.9 bringing a newly revamped tabbed UI and lots of other improvements.

WordPress for Android

WPAndroid saw three major updates over the year.

There were many minor updates but two of note were

Pivotal Labs also chipped in on the Android app with the Themes, Stats, and Media features.

We’re ready to kick off 2014 with the release of version 2.6 later this month. 2.6 will bring a native reader and many other improvements.

WordPress for Windows Phone

WPWinPhone was not forgotten in 2013. It saw four major updates adding support for:


Last year we saw the iOS and Android projects migrate away from subversion for source control, and embrace git. Github is now the official home of the WordPress for iOS and WordPress for Android projects.

GSoC Projects

This year we mentored two students, Daniele Maio (@b0unc3) and Sayak Sarkar (@sayaksarkar) for Google Summer of Code. They worked hard over the summer on a native app project for BlackBerry OS10, and another for Firefox OS.

Mobile Handbook

We’re very happy to have a Mobile Handbook to help developers get started working with our open source apps. Many thanks to @rachel_mccollin for her time editing and proofing the articles.

Lots of contributors

This year we saw a lot of people from the wider WordPress and mobile community get involved by helping us test beta versions of the apps, file issues on Github, and best of all, submitted patches for bugs and new features!

Get involved!

Twenty fourteen is going to be a great year. We have lots of great things planned for the mobile apps and we’d love for you to be a part of the experience. Its easy to get involved! Come chat with us in the #wordpress-mobile channel on, clone a copy of the source code and send us a pull request, or just leave a comment on our blog.

Dev Chat Summary for Dec 30, 2013

Chat log


  • Forum Migration
  • iOS status
  • Android status
  • Automattic Meeup Headsup
  • This week

Forum Mirgration

  • @Sams dropped by and mentioned that the planned forum migration languished a bit due to the holidays, but its back on his radar and progress is planned for next week. Stay tuned.

iOS Status

  • Version 3.8.6 was released today. Yay! This is our last release supporting iOS 6.0.
  • Work on 3.9 is wrapping up. We’re looking to have a release candidate later this week, probably by Thursday.

Android Status

  • Wrapping up a few lingering issues in the 2.6 milestone and preparing for beta round 2. We’ll likely release the beta later this week.

Automattic Meeup Headsup

The contributors from Automattic will be having a team meetup mid January. This impacts the release schedule for the iOS and Android apps. In the event that the WPiOS 3.9 and/or WPAndroid 2.6 are ready before the meetup, the team will hold them until the meetup is over. This will allow the team to be focused on the apps in the event there are unexpected surprises after they’re released.

This week

  • iOS: Readying a 3.9 release candidate.
  • Android: Readying the second beta of 2.6.

Next Dev Chat

The next dev chat will be held at 17:00 UTC on Jan 6 in #wordpress-mobile on Freenode.

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WPAndroid and WPiOS Status: Holiday Edition

In our last dev chat, we decided to make an adjustment for the holidays to forego the Dec 22nd chat and instead post a progress update for the week.


We’ve been very busy wrapping up issues with the 3.9 release. We still have some work in front of us before its ready, but we expect to start testing our first release candidate Dec 30th.


We’d planned our second public beta on Wednesday. The team decided to push this date back a couple of days to focus on fixing some issues identified in the first beta. We’re releasing the second WPAndroid 2.6 beta today.

Platform leads @mrroundhill and @sendhil, please add any comments you have.

Happy Holidays!

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Dev Chat Summary for Dec 16, 2013

Chat log


  • iOS status
  • Android status
  • This week
  • Dev chat next week

iOS Status

  • Version 3.8.5 was released Tuesday, Dec. 10th. Reception is good. We’ve noticed some confusion around the need to use application passwords for 2-factor authentication that we’ll work to clarify.
  • Version 3.9 is almost ready for testing. We should wrap up the few remaining items today.
  • 3.9 was originally target for January 2nd but we’re going to push this back a few days to allow for more testing, and also, holidays.

Android Status

  • Last week 2.6 went into its first round of beta and we have some good feedback.
  • Wrapping up a few lingering issues in the 2.6 milestone and preparing for beta round 2.

This week

  • iOS: Wrapping up 3.9 development and starting testing.
  • Android: Release the second beta of 2.6. Probably Wednesday.

Dev chat next week

  • Lots of folks are going to out for the holidays next week and we expect development to be very quiet. Instead of holding a dev chat on the 23rd we’ll just update the make blog with our progress for the week. Most likely we’ll post this Friday.

Next Dev Chat

The next dev chat will be held at 17:00 UTC on Dec 30 in #wordpress-mobile on Freenode.

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