Call for Testing: WordPress for iOS 14.1

WordPress for iOS version 14.1 beta is available for testing on TestFlight. You can sign up for our TestFlight program and join as a beta tester by opening that link on your iPhone or iPad.

Bugs & Feedback

If you find a bug or want to share a feature request after testing, you can comment on this post, ping one of us in the #mobile room on Slack, or head straight GitHub and open an issue—please see “Where to Report” below.

What to Test

To prepare:

  • Go to Profile > App Settings > Privacy Settings and turn on the Collect information option.
  • Go to Profile > Help & Support and turn on the Extra Debug option.
  • Go to My Site > Settings and turn on the Use Block Editor setting to enable the block editor for new posts.
  • If you are comfortable testing in a language other than English, please feel free to test in that language.

To test:

  1. 19534 Create a new post in the block editor, add any shortcode, try to break the block. Try with at least 5 randomly chosen shortcodes.
  2. 13242 In the app, open a site that has some traffic registered in the Stats section, and go to Stats > Widgets > Use this site. On the device, add the WordPress This Week widget to your Today view. Verify the widget works as expected and that the numbers match what you see when you check stats for the same site from using a web browser.
  3. 13236 In the app, follow any private blog that requires login to view the post. Go to the Reader and find a post from that blog, tap Visit for that post, and verify the post is displayed properly when authenticated (no on-screen error, no errors in the console). Test using all three site types:, Jetpack, Self-hosted.
  4. 13236 Using a account with a site that has an upgrade or plan, go to My Site > Settings > Advanced > Delete Site > Show Purchases, and verify that the “Show Purchases” page is displayed properly. Complete the process to delete a site and verify it worked.

You can find all other changes/fixes and details in the related PRs targeting WordPress-iOS 14.1 and gutenberg-mobile 1.21.

Where to Report

  • WordPress-iOS on GitHub for non-block-editor issues.
  • gutenberg-mobile on GitHub for block editor issues.
  • This post for questions, feedback, or issues you’re not sure how to report in GitHub.

Instructions for Reporting Issues

  • Search the GitHub repository first to see if the bug is a known issue.
  • For known issues, please leave a comment on the issue saying you were able to replicate the problem and include device name, iOS version, app version, and type of site you used for testing.
  • For new issues, please follow the template GitHub repository that shows up when creating a new issue.
  • Please be aware that a bot will ask for labels but you won’t have rights to add them. Know that labels will be added by someone on the triage team.
  • If you would like to send Activity Logs to help with debugging (this can be very useful!), you should first trigger the bug and then go to Profile > Help & Support > Activity Logs > Current and use the share icon at top right to copy the logs. Next, go to Help & Support > Contact Us, add a short note mentioning the bug report link, and paste the logs below the note. Please be aware Activity Logs may contain tokens which should not be shared publicly, and that’s why logs should be sent through the Contact Us form.

Thanks for testing! ❤️

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