Call for Testing: WordPress for iOS 13.9

WordPress for iOS version 13.9 beta is available for testing on TestFlight. You can sign up for our TestFlight program and join as a beta tester by opening that link on your iPhone or iPad.

Bugs & Feedback

If you find a bug or want to share a feature request after testing, you can comment on this post, ping one of us in the #mobile room on Slack, or head straight GitHub and open an issue—please see “Where to Report” below.

What to Test

To prepare:

  • Go to My Site > Settings > Use Block Editor to enable the block editor for new posts.
  • If you are comfortable testing in a language other than English, please test in that language.

To test:

  1. 13043 Swipe right over the Home or Lock screen, scroll down, tap Edit, add the All Time widget, verify the unconfigured view is displayed, go to Stats > Widgets Use this site and verify the widget displays data for the selected site and matches what is displayed in the app.
  2. 1498 Add a gallery block to a post or page and try to break it: add images, remove images, change the number of columns, crop images, add captions, rotate the device while interacting with the block
  3. 1628 Add an image blog, open image settings, rotate the device, dismiss the settings sheet, the app should not crash.
  4. 1619 Add a list block, change it to an ordered list (numbered), change the start value of the list and make the numbering go in reverse order.
  5. 1601 Add a video block, tap on the settings icon (cog), change each one of the video settings, save changes, and verify the settings are each working as expected.
  6. 13092 On a site that has Quick Start available, go to Next Steps > Grow Your Audience > Follow other sites, complete the “Tap < Reader to continue” step and verify the hint goes away after that.

You can find all other changes/fixes and details in the related PRs targeting WordPress-iOS 13.9 and gutenberg-mobile 1.19.

Where to Report

  • WordPress-iOS on GitHub for non-block-editor issues.
  • gutenberg-mobile on GitHub for block editor issues.
  • This post for questions, feedback, or issues you’re not sure how to report in GitHub.

Thanks for testing! ❤️

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