Call for Testing: WordPress for iOS 13.5

WordPress for iOS version 13.5 beta is available for testing on TestFlight. You can sign up for our TestFlight program and join as a beta tester by opening that link on your iPhone or iPad.

Bugs & Feedback

If you find a bug or want to share a feature request after testing, you can comment on this post, ping one of us in the #mobile room on Slack, or head straight GitHub and open an issue—please see “Where to Report” below.

What to Test

To prepare:

  • Go to My Site > Settings > Use Block Editor to enable the block editor for new posts.
  • If you are comfortable testing in a language other than English, please test in that language.

To test:

  1. 12286 Block editor: Long-press/3D touch on the app icon, select the “New Photo Post” option to add an image to a new post.
  2. 1394 Block editor: Add an image link that opens in a new tab.
  3. 1415 Block editor: Switch to light mode, add a List block, write some text on it, switch to dark mode, delete the text and write new text, check that the text color is white.
  4. 1439 Block editor: try adding and removing the Media & Text block. Try to break it.
  5. Various Pick any dark mode update from here and test it to make sure it’s working as expected.
  6. 12243 Go to Stats > Insights and rearrange the cards. Look through the stats to make sure everything looks okay. Close and re-open the app and make sure the custom order is preserved.
  7. 12711 On a slow network connection, check that Stats Insights loads reasonably fast.

You can find all other changes/fixes and details in the related PRs targeting WordPress-iOS 13.5 and gutenberg-mobile 1.15.

Where to Report

  • WordPress-iOS on GitHub for non-block-editor issues.
  • gutenberg-mobile on GitHub for block editor issues.
  • This post for questions, feedback, or issues you’re not sure how to report in GitHub.

Thanks for testing! ❤️

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