Call for Testing: WordPress for Android 13.3

WordPress for Android version 13.3-rc-1 is available for testing on the Beta channel. You can ask to join the Beta Program at Android App Testing on Google Play. Once you have been accepted, click the “Become a Tester” button at the same link.

To test with an apk, you can download wpandroid-13.3-rc-1-universal.apk from here.

Bugs & Feedback

If you find a bug or want to share a feature request after testing, you can comment on this post, ping one of us in the #mobile room on Slack, or head straight GitHub and open an issue—please see “Where to Report” below.

What to Test

To prepare:

  • Set up a Jetpack site for testing if you don’t already have one. You can use to quickly create a Jetpack testing site.
  • Go to My Site > Settings > Use Block Editor to enable the block editor for new posts.

To test:

  1. Block Editor: create and publish post using all of the available blocks (Paragraph, Heading, Image, Lists, Separator, Page Break, Quote, More) and check that each one works as expected.
  2. 10497 Change your username in the app.
  3. 10468 From a Jetpack site in the app, go to Settings > Performance and try updating the options and verifying they were saved by comparing the updated settings via the web. Try from accounts with different types of plans.
  4. 10476 Check that a site with <100 published pages are ordered topologically and a site with >=100 pages are ordered chronologically.
  5. 10434 Browse as many pages in stats as you can. Does the performance seem good? Is anything extremely slow loading?
  6. 10483 Open a draft, edit title and content, close and re-open the app, make sure the title and content edits were not lost.
  7. 1200 Open the block editor, tap on the empty editor area, verify that a new empty block is created.
  8. 975 Add a caption with rich text to a video block.
  9. 1254 Open a post that has a paragraph and a video block—tap between the caption and paragraph block and make sure the keyboard stays open.
  10. 1262 Select an empty paragraph block, tap + to add a new block, the empty paragraph block should be hidden and when a block is selected then it should get replaced by the new block that is added. See other test scenarios at 16931.

You can find more details about all of the updates for this release in the related PRs targeting WordPress-Android 13.3 and gutenberg-mobile 1.12.

Where to Report

  • WordPress-Android on GitHub for non-block-editor issues.
  • gutenberg-mobile on GitHub for block editor issues.
  • This post for questions, feedback, or issues you’re not sure how to report in GitHub.

Thanks for testing! ❤️

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