Call for testing: WordPress for iOS 11.7

WordPress for iOS version 11.7 beta is available for testing on TestFlight.

Not part of the beta program yet? Please sign up for our TestFlight program to join as a beta tester.

What to Test

New Features

  • Added support for password autofill when entering a username during login.
  • We now automatically save your draft before showing you a preview of it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing big spaces on top of (or below) some images in reader.
  • Fixed an indentation bug in the page list for private pages
  • Fixed a visual bug causing the posts list not to look right at large text sizes.
  • Find all other changes/fixes in the related PRs targeting 11.7.

Bugs & Feedback

Did you find a bug or come up with a feature request while testing? You can discuss it here, ping one of us in the #mobile Slack room, report it using the TestFlight feedback link, or head straight to the iOS GitHub repository and open a new issue.

Thanks for testing!