Call for testing: WordPress for Android 11.6

WordPress for Android version 11.6-rc-1 is available for testing on the Beta channel.

What to Test:

What’s New:

  • This is the first version of our refreshed stats! It’s completely rebuilt in the new design. (To test and use stats, go to My Sites > Stats and connect or log in to Jetpack.)
  • New privacy settings let you remove geolocation from uploaded images.

What’s Fixed:

  • The Notifications list layout is more readable, as is the Me tab on tablets and large devices.
  • Better messaging when there is no data to show in the stats screen adds clarity.
  • There was an issue where only admins of self-hosted sites could update their password. Now all users can.
  • There were a lot of other improvements made in this release that aren’t being called out in this post. For the main WordPress Android application you can view the entire list here.

Bugs & Feedback

Did you find a bug or come up with a feature request while testing? You can discuss it here, ping one of us in the #mobile Slack room or head straight to the Android GitHub repository and open a new issue.

Thanks for testing!