GSoC – Week 13: Almost there!

Deadlines are here!

It’s almost time for final submission’s and I’ve been spending a lot of time lately polishing the code and trying to make sure everything comes together in a neat way. However, there is still quite a good amount of work left for me this week, which I guess I should be able to complete. The good thing is the frontend of the app is almost ready with a few minor styling touches left here and there, which means that the major portion of the coding is done. However, there still is the issue of getting the backend to work properly with the frontend.

Documentation Woes

I’ve been working on getting the app to work with live data fetched from the WP servers via XML-RPC requests using enyo WebServices however, so far, it has been quite an uphill challenge for me as I’ve been unable to find any good documentation so far on getting the APIs to work with WebServices. The only documents that I’ve been able to find so far are a list of XML-RPC APIs for WordPress which however do not have any usage examples to work with, meaning I’ve to manually do a bit of trial and error with each of these get to understand how to work with them better. This has been taking up a lot of my time in the last couple of weeks which has been a bit troublesome for me.

However, the good thing in all of this is that I’m getting to learn a lot of things the hard way around, which means that I have a better understanding of how things work and how to implement things better. Also, my mentor is super helpful at times when I think that maybe I’m slacking a bit. I was a bit worried about how to make batch requests from the client to the server and couldn’t quite understand how to use system.multicall, [again because of lack of good documentation] so I sent him an email, and voila, he again rescued me by replying with quite a thorough explanation of how batch requests work! 🙂

Anyways, to summarize things I would say that all the offline components are ready to go and done, the only thing that I’m still working on is completing the XHR requests to the server via the WebServices. It’s still pretty nascent, but looking at the present status of work, I’m sure I can get it done within the deadline! 🙂