GSoC – week 12: Almost Done

During this week I finished up the function to make a blog post, also with the upload of an image. This has taken a very long time and headaches, I’ve tried a lot of combinations to make this upload correct, but sometimes I got an xml with error on it and sometimes the xml looks good but the url point to a corrupted image (e.g. nothing to show), but at last, with the help of my mentor, I found out the problem and fixed it (basically I forgot to use the tag :/).
I’ve also fixed the multi-blogs part, now you can add more than one blog and choose the one to use on the fly, by the vertical menu that will show you a dialog with a dropdown list where you can select the blog you want to use.
Due to the problems I had with the image upload, that’s all for this week.
For the next week I’ll finish the comments/pages management, and I’ll do some lifting on the app.
Since we are approaching the ‘pencil down’ deadlines the next week should be the last for making some code, and I think this is fine, I feel in time with the schedule.
Later on today I’ll update the repo with the latest sources.

#blackberry, #gsoc