GSoC – week 11 : Something real

This has been an intensive week. I’ve merged other pieces of code…and that’s what I got:

What currently works, as you may understand from the screen shot above, is the view of posts/pages/comments, they are all displayed in a same-style listview, for the comments I coloured the status to get an hint at a first look.
The app is also capable of making a new post (no media yet, but I’m working on this).
I’ve created three menus, one contains the links to see the lists, another (on the right) contains the common actions to add a post/page/comment or refresh the page.
There is also another menu, that will appear once you long-press an item that would let you edit or delete it. There a problem raise up, it looks like this menu isn’t capable to access the other (already declared) available resources. I hope to found a solution/workaround quickly.
So, what is missed, and what I’ve to implement yet is: a better managment for multi-blogs (my mentor gave me a simple and huge advice on how to do that, so it would be done in a few days), the media upload stuff and complete the comments/pages managment.
That would be basically all, the app is ready now, you can test it if you want, the code is on the official repo.

#blackberry, #gsoc