GSoC – Week 11: Rounding up the final fittings

Here’s a rather brief report of things that I’ve completed so far [in a very brief words] and things that I’ll be working on in the upcoming weeks:-

How the Car Assembly is taking Shape

I spent the most of last week, polishing, restructuring and moving huge chunks of code to complete the offline framework for the WordPress for Firefox OS app. Comparing the complete app to a car development analogy, what this means is that I have successfully completed most of the body work including the hood, trunk and body. Now the only things left are mounting the engine [i.e. the XML RPC APIAPI An API or Application Programming Interface is a software intermediary that allows programs to interact with each other and share data in limited, clearly defined ways. to handle XML RPC requests and responses] and getting all the tricky pieces of wiring connected to the body work. This basically boils down to writing an enyo.WebService code to handle and format all incoming and outgoing XHR requests and responses.

Upcoming work to get things connected

I expect to spend most of the time this week studying the WordPress XML-RPC APIs and implementing them on the app via Enyo code. The one thing that I’m sure about is that I’m sure hit quite a few stumbling walls this week as I’ll be again chartering into personal unexplored territories. However, I expect to pick up things quite quickly, once I grab hold of how the XHR APIs and enyo can be brought together to work as one unit and get the app working with live data.