GSoC – week 10 : Stumbling upon

In this week I had to face off with an hiccup (that really drives me nuts) due to a strange behavior during the XML parsing. Since I’m parsing the XML in Qt, I’ll put all the elements in a QvariantMap, but, it looks like, that some times the pairs key:value goes overwritten and return an unexpected value. I think I found out the reason and I made a quick workaround to fix this issue, I’ll dig more on it to find a stable solution.
Due to this hiccup I haven’t finished yet the UIUI UI is an acronym for User Interface - the layout of the page the user interacts with. Think ‘how are they doing that’ and less about what they are doing. part to make a post, I’ll hope, in order to get back on schedule, to have it done until the end of this week.
As suggested by my mentor, from the comment of the last week’s post, I’ve created another UI for the posts/pages/comments page using a vertical menu (sx) that contains the links to go to the Posts/Pages/Comments pages, and another vertical menu (dx), that would be a contextual menu, currently it only contains the actions of add/edit/delete (post/page/comment), not yet fully implemented.
There another little problem raise up, since I’m using a NavigationPane to go forward and back through the pages, and, for this new UI, I have to use a TabbedPane; well, a NavigationPane cannot call a page that contains a TabbedPane. I have to find a solution, I’ve already talked on #blackberrydev on IRC, they suggested some workaround, but nothing that has convinced me. I’ll dig more on this as well.
In the next days I’ll update the code on the repo.

#blackberry, #gsoc