GSoC – Week 7: Midterms are here – The story so far!

How It All Started and What’s the present Scenario

I got started with the project during the early stages of GSoC by getting myself accustomed to Enyo.js 2.2 which had clearly been completely overhauled from the 1.0 version. For this, I started by developing a few sample apps using Enyo.js just to get the hang of it.

Once, I had become comfortable enough with the basics of Enyo itself, it was time to get started with the real work. I started by looking into the codebase for the existing app and trying to upgrade the code itself to the newer version of Enyo, which to be frank turned out to be futile exercise, as the differences between enyo 1.0 and enyo 2.2 are massive. Hence, the daunting realization of writing the whole app dawned upon me.

At first, this looked like a huge challenge, given the limited time frame of GSoC itself, however, once I got started with it using the Enyo 2.2 bootplate things got much easier. Soon I had a basic layout for the composer ready which was a massive achievement for me as it is most reused component of the app, which is at the heart of all components which is used by the user to post data, like – Posts, Comments, Pages, etc.

The next thing that I started working upon is the Posts list view, which is identical to that of the Android app. A simple scroller with a list of the post titles separated by horizontal lines.Tapping on each title, would show the content of each post. The next thing that I started working with was the Preview functionality. Currently, I’ve a working version of the Preview component working on my local instance, however, it needs a bit of styling modifications to get completed.

In the meanwhile I’ve also worked upon a bit on the styling elements for the app such as the icons and color combinations, however until now they are not a priority of the first order, as getting the coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. functionality done is the first priority. I’ve also been actively designing and redesigning the Composer module a lot to make sure that its at par with the peer applications on iOSiOS The operating system used on iPhones and iPads. and Android.

Future Work

Currently I’m working on finishing the Post/Preview/Publish components bundle. This should ideally be complete within the next couple of weeks after which I would be concentrating on implementing the login and stats modules. After this part is complete I would be moving on to the styling part of the application. All in all the project is due for a in-schedule completion.