WPAndroid is getting a few changes this week…

WPAndroid is getting a few changes this week:

  1. Updated the menu drawer library to the latest version, which allows us to do the ‘overlay’ effect for the navigation drawer to match up with the latest google apps.
  2. ‘View Admin’ has been moved to the settings, this is because many users were getting lost in the ‘View Admin’ area, thinking it was the actual app (MP6 was a big reason for this).
  3. The way you save a local draft has been improved to fit in better with other Android apps. Instead of using the disk icon in the action bar to save a post, there’s now the ‘paper airplane’ icon there that signifies that the post will always be uploaded when that button is pressed. When pressing back or the ‘up’ key, there is now a prompt to save your changes or discard. If the user chooses ‘Save’, the post will be saved locally. The ‘Local Draft’ option has also been removed from the post status spinner since it is no longer needed.
  4. Lastly, there’s a number of bugs fixed, mostly related to the Notifications area.

The latest APK can be found here: http://iosbuilds.automattic.com/builds/android/

Here’s some screenshots of some of the changes: