GSoC – week 3 : API API and yet API

This week I’ve read and learnt a lot more about BlackBerry 10 APIs, paying attention on the Cascades library. The main reason why I choose to go with Cascades, it’s beacuse with these APIs is possible to create stunning apps, and the platform APIs provide access to the underlying featrues of the BlackBerry Application Platform. It should be easier to create a beautiful UIUI UI is an acronym for User Interface - the layout of the page the user interacts with. Think ‘how are they doing that’ and less about what they are doing. together with a set of advanced tools that can be use to easily integrate the app to the system and giving the users an astonishing experience.
Said that, I’ve started with the basic (understanding) of Cascades: the layouts.
The layouts are the basic to construct Uis, and Cascades supports a (large) variety of different layouts that can be used to arrange and position controls in the apps; and, choosing the right one, right now, for me, is a must. After a long digging (write, try, sketch), I think (but I’m not sure at all) I will use a StackLayout, at the least for the login page.
I’ve also made a first (fake) attempt of the login process, but it’s not finished yet. I have to manage how to put all the stuff togheter. I also need to connect the C++ (Qt) signals to Cascades (QML), and, for the next week(s) (I though this is kinda important) this is my milestone. I will write some code to see if I understand correctly how it work, and how it needs to be implemented.
In the next weeks I’ll upload a first draft of what I’m doing.

#blackberry, #gsoc