We’re coming up on the end of the…

We’re coming up on the end of the contributor handbook schedule. May 17th is the last date for all handbook components, after that there’s only editing left. We’ve not followed the exact structure as suggested by Docs, but we’re not far from having all parts ready either. So as we’re approaching the home stretch, I thought it best to create a check list of remaning items so we make sure everything gets done in time.

I’ll assign people to complete the pages to the best of my knowledge.


  • Introduction https://make.wordpress.org/mobile/handbook/introduction/ @aerych, @isaackeyet
  • Dev chats info https://make.wordpress.org/mobile/handbook/introduction/dev-chats/ @isaackeyet
  • Communication (could maybe be a part of Dev Chats?) https://make.wordpress.org/mobile/handbook/introduction/communication/ @isaackeyet
  • Contributor list – we may want to have a direct way to see all current and past contributors (TBD)


The state of the iOS and Graphics sections are far behind the rest, so these two only have general todos.

  • Create individual pages (all in https://make.wordpress.org/mobile/handbook/pathways/ios/ currently) @koke
  • Update menu https://make.wordpress.org/mobile/handbook/ @koke


  • Combine Android menu item and Introduction? @mrroundhill
  • Update screenshots throughout @mrroundhill
  • As discussed, update Getting started guide to better guide new users, also some feedback here @mrroundhill
  • Add testing instructions https://make.wordpress.org/mobile/handbook/pathways/android/testing-instructions/ @mrroundhill
  • Ping Rachel about a review after above items are complete


  • Update/make intro to app development, at least to me it’s not entirely clear how to get started currently https://make.wordpress.org/mobile/handbook/pathways/blackberry/ @daniloercoli (@daniloercoli)
  • Make sure all sections are covered and up to date (compare with other platforms’ handbooks for completeness) @daniloercoli (@daniloercoli)
  • Ping Rachel about a review after above items are complete

Windows Phone

Can’t find the reference right now, but if I remember correctly @daniloercoli, @aerych, and @sendhilp all wanted to take another look at the Windows Phone section. Please divide any items here in between you!

  • Complete Tutorials & Guides https://make.wordpress.org/mobile/handbook/pathways/windows-phone/tutorials-and-guides/
  • Update Testing instructions? Looks like it’s not complete/formatted correctly yet https://make.wordpress.org/mobile/handbook/pathways/windows-phone/testing-instructions/ (@aerych)
  • Beta distribution is currently 404. Is this page still planned? (@daniloercoli)
  • Tips & Tricks could use some clean up https://make.wordpress.org/mobile/handbook/pathways/windows-phone/tips-and-tricks/ (@aerych)
  • Ping Rachel about a review after above items are complete

Other Apps

  • Write intro to the other Apps and give information on their current state.
  • Link up to existing tracs, websites, dev blogs, forums, etc
  • Let contributors know how they can contribute should they want to

Contribute with Design

All items assigned to @isaackeyet

  • Clean up intro https://make.wordpress.org/mobile/handbook/pathways/design/
  • Create General UI Guidelines https://make.wordpress.org/mobile/handbook/pathways/design/guidelines/
  • Create Color Palette https://make.wordpress.org/mobile/handbook/pathways/design/colors/ (@isaackeyet)
  • Write about Fonts
  • Write about screen densities and what this means in reality, best practices
  • Write documents on platform-specific guidelines
    • iOS
    • Android
    • BlackBerry
    • Windows Phone
    • Other platforms
  • Denote best ways to get set up with a dev environment for each platform for designers (referencing platform specific set up guides)

Assist with Testing

  • Write intro on testing and how testing helps the apps
  • Write about how to get started with testing each version of the WordPress apps (maybe linking off to the Testing sections of each platform)
  • Using Dev Tools to Stress-Test Apps
  • Intro to the pre-flight check list (should probably be a part of the Intro)

XML-RPC & API Contributions

  • Write page on how to contribute to the API side of WordPress and where to go for that @koke

General Guides

Any takers here? @beaucollins comes to mind, let me know if you’re up for taking these on.

  • Intro to using Trac for the mobile projects (link off to specific sections for more info)
  • Intro to Git and how it’s used within the Mobile Group

Tips & Tricks


  • Add list of all contributions to the Mobile Handbook @isaackeyet

Other todos

  • Ping Rachel about looking over all the contents of the handbook mid-May at latest @isaackeyet
  • Add Handbook to make/mobile navigation @isaackeyet
  • Better navigation structure for Handbook? Would be good to have links to parent posts/sections for easy navigation. Investigate. @isaackeyet
  • Inline content navigation with anchors (so you can link to specific headers within posts, see Support for example). Investigate. @isaackeyet

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