Weekly dev chat summary for Feb 13, 2013

Chat log.


  • WPiOS
  • WPWindowsPhone
  • Mockups


We discussed which feature we’d like to work on next.  On the table

  • a visual editor
  • sharing to wpios from 3rd party apps
  • improved media management

The visual editor would be developed with CoreText, casting aside a previous htmlHTML HTML is an acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a markup language that is used in the development of web pages and websites. based effort. We talked about writing the editor so it was its own library and sharable as a cocoa pod. We would also look at improving the editor flow as the visual editor is implemented.

For sharing, we’d expose an interface for 3rd party apps to share content to the WPiOS app.  We talked about whether we could return the user to the app that initiated the action once sharing was complete, and whether we should also share from WPiOS to other apps as part of a larger sharing release.

The app is missing some media management options. We’d like the app to be able to manage a posts media regardless of whether the media was added from the app or not.


This week @daniloercoli has been working on some bug fixes and improvements to the stats feature.

We briefly debated what the next major feature could be and considered three options:

  • gallery support
  • web based stats just for Windows Phone 8,
  • native Reader.

We decided to go with gallery support since already have a patch ready to go (props @sendhil).  Our plan is to release version 2.0 with galleries along with the bug fixes and stats improvements.


@karmatosed shared a new mockup with us and we talked about what we would like to see in a tutorial for first time users of the app.  We all liked the idea of a walk-through that tells a story.  After some discussion it came down to two use cases,

  • a walk-through that starts once a user signs in the first time
  • a walk-through that is accessible from the welcome screen for new users who are curious, but out of the way of power users who just want to get started

Based on the discussion, @karmatosed is going to work up a couple of new mockups that show a welcome page with a button to get to the walk-through and a walk-through that happens when that button is clicked.

Next Week

The next dev chat will be on Feb 13, 2013 at 16:00 UTC. Mark your calendar and join us in #wordpress-mobile on Freenode.