Mobile dev chat summary for Dec 19, 2012

We had a brief meeting in iRC today.


  • WPiOS status
  • Windows Phone status
  • Forum and Dev blog migrationMigration Moving the code, database and media files for a website site from one server to another. Most typically done when changing hosting companies. heads up.
  • Mobile Handbooks


The current plan is to submit to Apple on December 28th.  Development is proceeding while we await a few APIAPI An API or Application Programming Interface is a software intermediary that allows programs to interact with each other and share data in limited, clearly defined ways. changes.

Windows Phone

Version 1.8.1 was submitted Monday and should be available for download by week’s end.
Work is proceeding on version 1.9 with an early January target for submitting to the store.  The big items for this release are improvements to the post/page content editor and the addition of featured images.  There are extensive changes in this release so we’ll take some extra time for testing before we submit.

Forum and dev blog migration heads up

We mentioned the planned migration of the mobile forums and dev blogs.  @Nacin dropped by to comment that the dev blog migration might begin before the forums and the start date might be the week after next depending on how the holidays go.  The todo list is still valid, just maybe reordered a bit.

Mobile Handbooks

We’re not sure what the timeline for having these ready looks ilke or what might be blocking us from starting.  We have a todo of answering these questions.

Next week

Join us for the next weekly chat Wednesday at 1600 UTC on in the #WordPress-Mobile room.

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