Mobile dev chat summary for Dec 12, 2012

Unfortunately the IRC channels doesn’t seem to have been logged at all for the past few days (although it seems to be working again today). This means there’s no public transcript of the chat this week.


  • WPWindowsPhone bug fix release and what’s next?
  • WPiOS’s next release, release date?
  • Other platforms heads ups
  • Team rep voting


We’re working on v 1.8.1 to fix a couple of crashes and some layout issues on taller Windows Phone 8 screens. When submitted, we’ll have two binaries: one for devices running less than Windows Phone 8 and one for Windows Phone 8 and up. This should help fix display issues for the latest Windows Phone devices. This update should be submitted late this week.

We’re also working on a better crash reporting tool but since it’s not a major feature it would likely be a point release.

For 1.9 (next version) we’ve discussed either having Featured Image support or a Reader being the main new feature. [Since the meeting we’ve agreed upon making Featured Image support the title feature for version 1.9.]


We’ve had to push back the release another few weeks to make sure the API on’s side is fully optimized. We’re now looking at a submit date around Jan 1st.

Since the release is a ways out still, we contemplated doing a bug fix update to resolve some of the issues we’ve fixed so far for the next feature release. We’ll discuss this more next week.

Other platforms heads ups

Nothing to report on other platforms (WPAndroid, WPBlackBerry, etc).

Team rep voting

We noted that we’re voting on new team rep(s) for the first time, and made mental notes to go vote.

Next week

Join us for the next weekly chat Wednesday at 1600 UTC on in the #WordPress-Mobile room.

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