Mobile dev chat summary for Oct 24, 2012

We had a short meeting in IRC this week. Chat log.

WPiOS 3.2 status update

Version 3.2 was released yesterday and seems to be working fairly well so far. There has been quite a few bugs fixed since we submitted the update though, and there are pending translations, so we decided to issue a bug fix update (will be version 3.2.1). We noted that we need to pay closer attention to the app store reviews as some of them highlight fairly severe issues with the app.

Currently WPiOS trunk is not suitable to work on the bugs so we’ll work in a branch for any WPiOS 3.2.X releases, and move on to have trunk always be functional come version 3.3 of WPiOS.

Join us for the next weekly chat Wednesday at 15:00 UTC on in the #WordPress-Mobile room.