XML-RPC Core Update

I wanted to give the mobile devs an update on one of the two big XML-RPC features in core for 3.5:

Last week we landed the user-related enhancements (#18428), and today I got some docs up on the codex:

The first two allow for retrieving information about arbitrary users, including some basic querying capabilities.

The latter two allow for reading and editing of the requesting user’s basic profile information. Email and password are not allowed to be edited for security reasons, but this will at least allow for management of the other fields from the mobile apps.

Last week also saw the removal of the UI option to disable XML-RPC. So starting in 3.5, XML-RPC will be enabled by default in WP.org sites, although devs have the ability to disable it using a filter.

The other major XML-RPC feature this release is revisions, which we can hopefully wrap up in the next couple of days.