Team rep votes are in Unsurprisingly it’s Otto…

Team rep votes are in! Unsurprisingly, it’s Otto as team rep with no backup rep for now. If we’re able to open up more opportunities for contributing to site and tool improvements, maybe next time. @otto42, you are on the hook for weekly updates on make/updates about projects happening on the site. Thanks!


Team Reps

It’s time to vote for team reps to communicate on behalf of the group to the other contributor groups via weekly updates, as well as occasional chats and such. Otto has been the acting rep, but we need to have 2 for the team. If you haven’t seen the spiel on one of the other team blogs about how team reps/voting/terms work, the longer explanation is after the jump.

Meta is an odd one because there are more limited contribution possibilities right now. While we hope to open up more of it, for now, team reps should probably be people who have the access/permissions to the guts of I would expect Otto to retain one of the slots. If Scott Reilly would rather be a team rep for Meta than Plugins, he could be a 2nd. It’s up to you folks.

Note: It should be people who want the responsibility. Anyone interested in being a team rep should leave a comment saying as much so people know who they can/should vote for. Voting is open until December 15, and results will be posted here once voting closes.

Go vote!

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