Weekly i18n Chat Notes – August 25, 2015

As a reminder, we have a chat tomorrow at 11:00 UTC. The update below is from last week’s chat

It’s been a while since we last met! I think WordPress 4.3 somewhat distracted us. 🙂 Here’s what’s happened in the last three weeks:

  • Forums: Progress has been made on porting bbPress 1.x plugins! So far, @jmdodd has migrated two plugins to bbPress 2.x. If you’re interested in helping out, be sure to put your name in the “Migrate?” column of the table. (Need access? Just ping me.)
  • Translate: A “Waiting” tab now exists and both it and the themes tab is now sorted by the order previously discussed. Filters are still coming (pending design), but we’re well on our way. Additionally, themes are now in sync with the directory and fully caught up. That means if a theme is approved in the directory, it is automatically imported into translate.wordpress.org.

And upcoming:

  • Sort orders (and filters) in translate.wordpress.org.
  • Properly log warnings in translate.wordpress.org to a Slack channel so we can keep an eye on them.
  • Fixes to \r in translations.
  • Rosetta header changes.
  • An i18n dashboard to keep track of major products.
  • Automation of Rosetta deploys (pending logging mentioned above).
  • Job / queue system for imports and language pack generation (with systems).

About a month ago, I made a list of next steps before importing plugins to translate.wordpress.org and we’ve done them all, but run into a few other things needed (as listed above). That said, I think we’re very close to the point where we can import plugins. Of the items above, only the job system is necessary, due to the number of commits plugins receive. More to come on make/plugins.

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Weekly i18n Chat Notes – July 28, 2015

A few more things were discussed at this week’s meta i18n chat:

  • Translate Themes: Just a couple of things:
    • All active themes were imported! But syncing hasn’t been enabled yet so a few newer themes (since the start of the import) are not yet imported. They will be soon, don’t worry. 🙂
    • Language packs were enabled for themes! If a theme does not ship with translations and is fully translated into a language (in translate.wordpress.org), a language pack will be generated and automatically downloaded. Woohoo! Language pack generation is automatic. When a theme is fully translated (100%) in a language, a language pack will be generated. Some history from @ocean90:
      • 2010 – First language packs for importers
      • 2011 – Core ticket #18200 filed
      • 2013 – Ticket #18200 closed as fixed (WordPress 3.7)
      • 2014 – Language packs enabled for core (WordPress 4.0)
      • 2015 – Language packs for third-party plugins and themes (WordPress 4.3+)
  • Translate Project Prioritization: I’m working up a detailed list of what we should do and when, based on the post from last week (and comments). Design-wise, we’re going to stick with what exists in the theme directory and modify as necessary.
  • Translate Import Queuing: There’s a lot of projects that will be added and syncing. We’re going to work up a queueing system in case things get overwhelmed. This is needed before we start importing plugins.
  • Rosetta Header: We need to “fix” the Rosetta header with the static, known sections, allowing Editors to add on at the end of it. Since we don’t have a showcase except on the homepage, my proposal is to set the following menu items: Home, Themes, Plugins, Forums (if they exist), Blog. Editors will be able to add additional menu items.
    • (Note here that we should really add the Download button to the Rosetta headers as well.)

Over the next week, we’re going to continue to improve themes on translate.wordpress.org, including language pack work and synchronization. If there’s time, we’ll also start adding filters / prioritization to projects.

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Weekly i18n Chat Notes – July 21, 2015

At our weekly chat today, we talked about a few things:

  • Forums: The Italian forums were launched! It’s a bit rough around the edges, so there’s a bunch of work still left to do. If anyone is interested in contributing to our bbPress theme just let us know. The more help we can get, the faster we can get the forum theme in shape to launch it to other locales. (Big props to @ocean90 and @medariox!)
  • Translate: Tons of things going on and upcoming here.
    • Themes are being imported. Currently ~1100 out of a total of ~1900 themes. The rest should be imported by next week’s meeting.
    • As part of the import, we’re noticing that quite a few themes have a textdomain that is different than the theme’s slug. Language packs will not support that. Instead, we’ll contact theme authors and work with the theme review team to ensure this won’t happen again. (Also, @Otto42 is adding modifying theme-check so that it checks for this issue.) Some stats on that were shared in Slack, but note that they’re for all themes, not just active themes. The actual numbers will be different.
    • Meanwhile, we need to start considering how to sort and prioritize themes and plugins. This post has some ideas and the comments section is open for more. We should have a list to start on by next week’s meeting. There are some backend changes that @dd32 needs to work up first.
    • One method of prioritizing is favorites. @dd32 is working up changes to the theme directory (and elsewhere) so themes can be favorited. ❤️ We can use theme and plugin favorites to prioritize projects (per-user) on translate.wordpress.org.
    • @ocean90 is also testing plugin imports with a few select plugins to ensure the import script works well.
    • Additionally, the language pack script currently exists for plugins and will be modified for themes (thanks @ocean90!).

Most of our focus right now is on language packs and theme/plugin translations. Summarized, here’s the next steps:

  • Finish theme import
  • Enable theme directory syncing (every new/updated theme gets imported)
  • Implement some prioritization (including a side project: adding favorites to themes)
  • Modify the theme directory to support translated theme names/descriptions
  • Enable language packs for themes
  • Start importing top n plugins
  • Enable language packs for top n plugins

Of course, some of these will happen in parallel with others and there are numerous parts to each line item, but we’re making great progress. By next week, we’ll probably be able to cross off an item or two. 👏

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Weekly i18n Chat Notes – July 14, 2015

We had our weekly chat today and talked about a few things.

  • Forums: We’re still waiting for one issue to get fixed in bbPress before we can enable initial forums for the Italian community.
  • Translate: Lots of great progress.
    • Design implementation is done.
    • Paging is done. Basic search is part of it as well.
    • Import scripts are done for themes and in-progress for plugins.
    • @dd32 tested an import of all themes and it works! 🎉
    • Role plugin design changes are still pending, but the design is ready, so it’s just a matter of implementation.

Because of the progress on themes, we think we can do the initial import for themes very soon. It’s know that there will be issues, especially in categorizing and sorting through all ~1500 active themes that will be imported. We’ll work through those issues, fix them, and be ever-more ready for plugins.

Also, because we’re so close, I posted on make/polyglots and make/themes to give them the heads up and added some documentation to the translator handbook to walk through how some of this will work on their end.

As we get closer to the initial import of plugins, there will be a post on make/plugins and we will email plugin authors ahead of time, with a specific date, so they have an opportunity to commit any missing translations to SVN.

(See also: the meeting notes from last week.)

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Weekly i18n Chat Notes – July 7, 2015

After a four week hiatus (!) we had our weekly i18n chat today. We’ll be continuing these chats every week on Tuesday 11:00 UTC 2015, just like before.

This week, we discussed the following:

  • Forums: While the bbPress 2 forums aren’t quite ready yet (literally no plugin has been ported to bbPress 2 yet), we’re going to move ahead anyway. @ocean90 is going to work on setting up forums for the Italians within the next week, but is running into permissions issues with bbPress.
  • Translate: @ocean90 implemented most of the @isaackeyet‘s design for translate.wordpress.org. With the new designs, there’s only a handful of technical things left before we can start adding additional plugins or themes:
    1. Finish design implementation: The big piece that’s left is adding the sub-project drop down in the top right box, which is needed to allow switching between sub-projects. Additionally, a green outline needs to be around the box if a project is at 100%, but this isn’t blocking anything.
    2. Paging. Without paging, the list of plugins will grow unwieldy. @dd32 is going to work on paging (which needs to be done here).
    3. Roles Plugin Changes: The roles plugin won’t scale if we add hundreds (thousands!) of new projects. We need a UI here – designers wanted! See #1101.
    4. Search: Not needed for an initial import of the top n plugins, but required for when we add all plugins. We’re putting this on hold for now as paging will suit our needs for the foreseeable future.

Beyond the technical list above, we need to talk about how plugins will be imported. Let’s chat this Friday July 10 13:00 UTC 2015 about importing plugins into translate.wordpress.org. If you’re interested in this topic, join us in #meta-i18n.

(As a reminder, all WordPress community meetings are listed on the meeting calendar.)

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Weekly i18n chat

Just a reminder that the weekly i18n chat will happen in 1 hour from this post at 11:00 UTC. If you haven’t joined us before, we discuss progress on a number of fronts for i18n on WordPress.org. We’ll likely be discussing the forums plugins audit today, in addition to other things, so read through that post ahead of time.

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WP.org Forums Plugins Audit

The version of bbPress powering the WordPress.org support forums is (despite being near and dear to my heart) out of date to the point of being a bottleneck towards progress on Rosetta. The plan has always been to migrate everything to bbPress 2.x, but the caveat to that otherwise (relatively) easy feat is the custom functionality that’s already built into the bbPress 1.x plugins that modify core behavior in a way that might not easily port over directly.

Below is an audit of those plugins, along with a brief description of what they do and the level of effort I estimate it will take to port that code. Thankfully, about half of these plugins will no longer be necessary. The other half will need to built as WordPress plugins that modify bbPress 2.x behavior.

fwiw, bbPress 2.6 is imminent (has been for a while) though I’m comfortable adding any actions or filters to bbPress core that might prevent an otherwise easy port. Stephen Edgar and myself are both available to help/assist/guide and/or to start porting these ourselves as well.

The plugins below represent 10 years of modifications to the WordPress.org support forums, and also represent an enormous opportunity for any volunteers who might want to help build the next generation of WordPress.org but maybe are not sure where to start.

Let’s use the comments below as the beginning communications towards what will likely be several individual initiatives, all working towards the common goal of bringing our support forums and the related moderation tools up to speed with the rest of bbPress and WordPress.org.

Migrate? LOE File Description
In Progress (@nullbyte) Low _author-badges.php Adds badge to plugin and theme author replies for their replies in plugin snd theme-related forums (reviews, plugins and hacks, themes and templates) that pertain to their
Pending Testing & Review
Low _bb-mail.php Custom email subject from headers for support forums
Done (@jmdodd) Medium _codify.php Converts [[wiki markup|links]] into <a href=”http://www.example.com/wiki_markup”>links</a>.
Done (@jmdodd) Low _geriatric-threads.php Add <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex,nofollow” /> to old closed topics
In Progress (@justingreerbbi) Low _lowfollow.php View replies by IP address
In Progress (@nullbyte) Low _mailing-list.php WordPress Announcements/Development News mailing list form
Yes Medium _plugin-reviews-listing.php Plugin forum custom views
Yes Medium _plugin-support-listing.php Plugin forum custom views
Yes Medium _plugin-svn-tracker-support-mock.php SVN_Tracker_Support_Mock
In Progress (@nullbyte) Medium _plugin_stickies.php Sticky topics for plugin forums
Done (@Clorith) Low _reg-hack.php This is to block those stupid spam registrations
Done (@Clorith) Medium _registration-captcha.php Captcha for registration
Done (@Clorith) Low _registration-speed-limit.php max number of attempts per time period // time period user must wait before getting freed
In Progress (@nullbyte) Low _reviews.php Miscellaneous modifications related to the reviews forum/feature.
Yes Low _subscribe_to_plugins.php Subscribe to Plugins for wp.org
Yes Low _subscribe_to_tags.php Subscribe to Tags for wp.org
Done (@coffee2code) Low _support-wporg-notifications-allow-superadmin-regex.php WordPress.org Notifications Allow Superadmin Regex
Done (@coffee2code) Low _support-wporg-notifications.php WordPress.org Notifications
In Progress (@nullbyte) Low _tag-codex-links.php Forum codex links
In Progress (@Kenshino) Medium _template-mods.php Custom template queries
Yes Medium _theme-reviews-listing.php Custom views for theme forums
Yes Medium _theme-support-listing.php Custom views for theme forums
In Progress (@nullbyte) Medium _version-dropdown.php New topic form WordPress version dropdown field
Yes Low _views.php Custom bbPress views
Yes High bozo.php Bundled bbPress 1.x plugin that implements the bozo feature
No None _bb-quicktags.php Inserts a quicktag toolbar on the post topic form.
No None _default-role.php This should only run once per new user, as it’ll then have a capabilities meta for this site.
No None _email_login.php Disable email login???
No None _fix-badly-utf8-trimmed-strings.php FIlters topic title and terms via return iconv( ‘utf-8’, ‘utf-8//ignore’, $string );
No None _fix-topics-replied.php fix_topics_replied
No None _fix-user-search.php bbPress user search doesn’t deal with empty role arrays well
No None _fix_code_clickable.php this replaces the make_clickable function with one that won’t do anything inside <code> blocks
No None _forum_row_click.php disable until we can make this not open in a new window. If only you could do <tr href>. Curses, W3C, curses.
No None _gravatar-retina.php copy of bb_get_avatar, but with support for the devicePixelRatio 📱 cookie on .org
No None _hack_utf8_slugs.php Sanitize URL’s with dashes (Previous versions of bbPress didn’t try using mb_strtolower(), so all slugs were in original case. This makes the slug in the database and the one which we test again different, which causes 404s.)
No None _hidden-forums.php Hides configured forums from general forum listings and prevents the forum’s topics listings. Only directly are its topics accessible.
No None _inception-fix.php Because of either bad data or some other bug, the support forums don’t know the date of their first post properly.
No Medium _international.php Hack all the i18n w.org login, menu urls, CSS, keymaster roles, admin capabilities and user caps and roles
No Low _memcache.php Custom memcache settings
No None _never-upgrade.php Never upgrade the bbPress 1.x database
No None _new_plugin_post.php Filter post titles and tags for plugin and plugin reveiew topics
No None _new_theme_post.php Filter post titles and tags for theme and theme reveiew topics
No None _no-duplicate-emails.php DO not allow duplicate email address’ for bbPress users
No None _profile-additions.php Custom profile fields and profile sanitization
No None _queries.php Query Debug
No None _random_seed.php Skip the DB for random_seed transient – just generate an new (not very good) rnd_value on the fly
No None _return_helpers.php
No None _security.php This file loosely corresponds to wp-content/mu-plugins/security.php
No None _spamhell.php Spam Hell. Blocks for assorted spammers.
Maybe Low _add-replies-argument.php Hangs a replies=# onto every topic link, so by appropriate styling users can see new posts
Maybe Low elfakismet.php Adds the ability to stop akismet check after a user has x posts, and to always check for any you don’t trust.
Maybe Low _bb-google.php
Maybe Low _phishing_honeypot.php Check a couple of specific IP addresses and email Nacin if true
Done (@SergeyBiryukov) Low _registration-chars.php Block certain types of characters from being in usernames on registration.
Done (@SergeyBiryukov) BP? _registration-log.php Check user registration log
Maybe Low _ssl.php SSL overrides and tweaks
Maybe BP? _stats_extra.php stats logger for support forums
In Progress (@netweb) High _support-forum-admin-mods.php Related to Bozo
Maybe Low _support-forum-autoload.php Autoload support forum
In Progress (@netweb) Low _support-forum-mods.php Moderator support for support forums and plugin/theme author moderators
Maybe Low _block-spam-searches.php block_spam_searches_parse_query

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Weekly i18n Chat

As a reminder, we have a weekly i18n chat this coming April 21st, at 11:00 UTC, which is just over 11 hours from now.

Last week, we discussed a number of things, but mostly forums and Rosetta generally. There was no direct outcome last week, except that we will be setting up individual sites for each part of “Rosetta.” That is, the theme directory on de.wordpress.org (for example) will be its own WordPress site, while a local P2 will be its own site.

We did go into depth on the forums a bit. The next steps there are:

  • Port bbPress 1.x plugins to bbPress 2.x
  • Turn on bbPress 2.x site for a locale and test

The plugins (which are currently private) changed hands to bbPress developers shortly after last week’s chat.

#i18n, #l10n, #rosetta

Internationalizing it all

There are a number of internationalization projects going on towards localizing most of our web properties, along with providing localized assets for core users (localized plugins, etc).

I have and am working on providing a translation platform for all plugins (code and readmes), and the related internationalization of the plugins directory and API.

@nacin has done some work on being able to install plugins (and themes?) in the same locale as a WordPress install, when set.

I’ve read that @dd32 has been looking into translating the new themes directory (info in theme headers, from styles.css) and probably API.

@samuelsidler (who is away this week) and I would like to organize a general chat in #meta-i18n sometimes during the week of April 13th, so we can map out everything in front of us, and push on all of them together.

To be discussed: Rosetta, forums, theme directory, plugin directory, themes, plugins, local P2s, GlotPress (soft and install).

Chat date/time suggestions: April 14th, at 2000 UTC (same time range as core chat, 1 day before).

cc @obenland, @ocean90

#chat, #i18n, #l10n, #rosetta