Recap of ticket scrub on November 21st

It was the first ticket scrub in a month, and we had a bit of a backlog.


The scope of this ticket has evolved to basically be a rewrite of the `schedule` shortcode to use CSS Grid instead of HTML tables. @mrwweb has done some excellent work to put together a prototype, and he’s looking for feedback, especially around a11y ( We also discussed if/how to add a field to each session to specify either the duration of the session or the ending time. Between the two, there was a slight preference for duration, though it was also noted that it would be best if the field was optional, and the schedule logic could guess the end time based on the start time of the next session.


@casiepa is making progress on this ticket, and will post implementation questions to the ticket soon.


We discussed the best alternative approach to distinguishing email subject lines and landed on adding the feedback post’s post ID to the end of the string. @casiepa is working on a patch.


@sergeybiryukov will work on reviewing the current patch for security. @coreymckrill will do some functionality testing. Hopefully this one can be merged and closed before WordCamp US.

There was also a brief discussion of some improvements to the Meta Environment made recently by @grapplerulrich and @ocean90

The next Ticket Scrub meeting will be in two weeks, 2017-12-05 19:00 UTC, in #meta-wordcamp.

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#2907-meta, #2992-meta, #3117-meta, #3259-meta

Recap of ticket scrub on October 10th

Participants: @coreymckrill @grapplerulrich @kau-boy @sergeybiryukov

We focused on open tickets relating to WordCamp sessions and the schedule.


We determined that this issue is a fairly obscure edge case, as it only affects WordCamp schedules when viewing them in iOS Safari while in Reader mode. A good solution to the issue was not immediately clear to the group. We decided to add a screenshot of the issue and downgrade its priority level for the time being.


@Kau-Boy volunteered to take on this ticket, using an approach very similar to previous work done on the [sponsors] shortcode.


This ticket was actually fixed with a patch for #1896-meta.


We had some discussion about the best way to approach a solution for this ticket, but ultimately decided more information was needed first.

The next Ticket Scrub meeting will be in two weeks, 2017-10-24 19:00 UTC, in #meta-wordcamp.

#recap #ticket-scrub #wordcamp

#1896-meta, #3044-meta, #3111-meta, #3115-meta, #3117-meta

Agenda for ticket scrub on October 10th

This bi-weekly ticket scrub will happen on 2017-10-10 19:00 UTC in #meta-wordcamp.

The focus is on Meta tickets that have the WordCamp Site & Plugins component.

Specific tickets

Here are several available tickets related to Sessions:

Other items?

Comment below if there’s any other ticket or topic you’d like to discuss.

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#3044-meta, #3111-meta, #3115-meta, #3117-meta