Recap of ticket scrub on October 10th

Participants: @coreymckrill @grapplerulrich @kau-boy @sergeybiryukov

We focused on open tickets relating to WordCamp sessions and the schedule.


We determined that this issue is a fairly obscure edge case, as it only affects WordCamp schedules when viewing them in iOS Safari while in Reader mode. A good solution to the issue was not immediately clear to the group. We decided to add a screenshot of the issue and downgrade its priority level for the time being.


@Kau-Boy volunteered to take on this ticket, using an approach very similar to previous work done on the [sponsors] shortcode.


This ticket was actually fixed with a patch for #1896-meta.


We had some discussion about the best way to approach a solution for this ticket, but ultimately decided more information was needed first.

The next Ticket Scrub meeting will be in two weeks, 2017-10-24 19:00 UTC, in #meta-wordcamp.

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#1896-meta, #3044-meta, #3111-meta, #3115-meta, #3117-meta

Agenda for ticket scrub on October 10th

This bi-weekly ticket scrub will happen on 2017-10-10 19:00 UTC in #meta-wordcamp.

The focus is on Meta tickets that have the WordCamp Site & Plugins component.

Specific tickets

Here are several available tickets related to Sessions:

Other items?

Comment below if there’s any other ticket or topic you’d like to discuss.

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#3044-meta, #3111-meta, #3115-meta, #3117-meta