Recap of ticket scrub on November 21st

It was the first ticket scrub in a month, and we had a bit of a backlog.


The scope of this ticket has evolved to basically be a rewrite of the `schedule` shortcode to use CSS Grid instead of HTML tables. @mrwweb has done some excellent work to put together a prototype, and he’s looking for feedback, especially around a11y ( We also discussed if/how to add a field to each session to specify either the duration of the session or the ending time. Between the two, there was a slight preference for duration, though it was also noted that it would be best if the field was optional, and the schedule logic could guess the end time based on the start time of the next session.


@casiepa is making progress on this ticket, and will post implementation questions to the ticket soon.


We discussed the best alternative approach to distinguishing email subject lines and landed on adding the feedback post’s post ID to the end of the string. @casiepa is working on a patch.


@sergeybiryukov will work on reviewing the current patch for security. @coreymckrill will do some functionality testing. Hopefully this one can be merged and closed before WordCamp US.

There was also a brief discussion of some improvements to the Meta Environment made recently by @grapplerulrich and @ocean90

The next Ticket Scrub meeting will be in two weeks, 2017-12-05 19:00 UTC, in #meta-wordcamp.

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Agenda for ticket scrub on November 7th

Update: This meeting was postponed due to confusion around daylight savings time changes. We will use this agenda for the next meeting on 2017-11-21 19:00 UTC.

This bi-weekly ticket scrub will happen on 2017-11-07 19:00 UTC in #meta-wordcamp.

The focus is on Meta tickets with the WordCamp Site & Plugins component.

Assigned ticket followup

Anything ready for review? Blockers we can help remove? cc @miss_jwo @SergeyBiryukov @DrewAPicture @Kenshino @kau-boy @RMarks

Tickets that are both high priority and `good-first-bug`

Other items?

Comment below if there’s any other ticket or topic you’d like to discuss.

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Recap of ticket scrub on August 29th

I will be AFK on 2017-09-12, so the next Ticket Scrub meeting will be in four weeks, 2017-09-26 19:00 UTC, in #meta-wordcamp.

Here is a summary of this week’s discussion:

Participants: @coreymckrill @sergeybiryukov @xkon


The latest patch from @grapplerulrich is ready to commit. @coreymckrill will add a slight wording tweak to it to clarify the Coming Soon notification:

Coming Soon mode is enabled. Site subscribers will not receive email notifications about published posts.


After the last scrub, @iandunn provided some clarification about the functionality in the current patch for this ticket:

If we don’t create menus at all, then the layout often breaks because the custom CSS assumes that they’re there. It wouldn’t make sense to add links to missing pages, though, and there aren’t any pages on the destination site yet, so it seemed like creating menus with just a Home link was the best we could do.

… I wonder if we could copy over the menu items for links that do exist on the destination site? A lot of pages like Location, Contact, etc are pre-populated, so they’ll exist. We could just skip the pages that don’t exist.

We decided it would be best to pursue the additional functionality suggested by Ian before committing, so that the menus wouldn’t just contain a “Home” link, which could be just as confusing as a broken layout.

@coreymckrill will update the ticket to see if the patch author wants to try making the update.


The patches provided by @kau-boy look good. @coreymckrill will do an additional round of local testing and then commit them, and then @kau-boy can update the handbook with documentation on the new shortcode attributes.


This one has an extensive patch from @xkon that has already been tested successfully on Since it involves remote requests, it just needs a security review before we merge it into the plugin.

@xkon also mentioned a fork of Tagregator that they built that is completely PHP-based instead of having a React component:

Social Mentions

#2218-meta, #3075-meta

These two tickets will enable more flexibility for the meetings functionality on Meta sites, which will allow us to include this meeting (since it is biweekly instead of every week)!

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Recap of Ticket Scrub for the week of July 31st

Great attendance for our first-ever ticket scrub!

The next Ticket Scrub meeting will be in two weeks, 2017-08-15 19:00 UTC, in #meta-wordcamp.

Here is a summary of this week’s discussion:


This patch makes some significant changes to the Instagram source in the Tagregator plugin to accommodate changes to the Instagram API. The current patch submitted by @xkon uses raw cURL commands, which is not ideal for compatibility. The suggested change was to try using `wp_remote_get` or `wp_remote_post` instead. @ryelle volunteered to help test this and other Tagregator patches. (#2100-meta, #3003-meta)


This ticket has a patch from @rmarks that partially addresses the issue. @coreymckrill said he would try to get that patch committed, and suggested fixes for other parts of the issue should go in a separate patch.


We discussed the patch for this ticket recently submitted by @grappleulrich. One aspect of the patch was to prevent users from publishing posts while Coming Soon mode is enabled, so that site subscribers wouldn’t get an email notification of a new post that might be incomplete and that they wouldn’t actually be able to access. As a group, we agreed that disabling the Publish button would actually be confusing and that there are times when you might want to publish a post while still in Coming Soon mode. Instead, we decided to change the approach so that email notifications are disabled in Coming Soon mode, and there is a warning near the Publish button to notify users that their post won’t be emailed to subscribers if they publish while still in Coming Soon mode.


This is an old ticket with an old patch. We agreed that the feature described would still be useful, but the patch probably needs to be updated before it will be compatible with the current version of CampTix. @coreymckrill said he would move the ticket over to the CampTix GitHub repo.

If you were unable to attend this meeting but have feedback, please share your thoughts in the comments on this post. In case there’s a need for further discussion we will ensure to make time for it in the next meeting. See you next time!

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