Recap of ticket scrub on August 15th

@sergeybiryukov and I held down the fort for this week’s ticket scrub.

The next Ticket Scrub meeting will be in two weeks, 2017-08-29 19:00 UTC, in #meta-wordcamp.

Here is a summary of this week’s discussion:

#2571-meta, #2886-meta

These are both minor code updates that already have patches submitted by @sergeybiryukov. The first one is ready for @coreymckrill to commit. We decided to have @sergeybiryukov adjust the second one a bit to remove title attributes from some HTML tags, since those are no longer recommended for accessibility reasons.

#1097-meta, #2973-meta

These are both related to adjusting the list table view of camp attendees to allow for sorting by last name. @sergeybiryukov volunteered to look into writing a patch.


This ticket relates to copying custom menus over when cloning a WordCamp site. It already has a patch, but @coreymckrill was unsure if this was really a desired behavior. While the navigation menu would theoretically look the same as the finished site that has been cloned, the downside is that it may create menu items for pages that don’t actually exist in the new site yet, and may not even be needed.

@coreymckrill said he would follow up on the ticket to clarify the intent and usefulness of the change.


This ticket is about adding some extra meta data for WordCamps that include a Contributor Day. A couple of different approaches are suggested in the ticket, but no patch has been submitted yet. @coreymckrill said he would follow up to see if any of the ticket participants would still be interested in working on a patch.


Part of this ticket has been completed, because the Edit Flow plugin has now been installed on the network. The other part, to make some adjustments so that all of Edit Flow’s modules are turned off by default on new sites, still needs some discussion and a patch. @coreymckrill said he would start a new ticket for that, and close this old ticket.

#recap #ticket-scrub #wordcamp

#1097-meta, #1109-meta, #1183-meta, #1226-meta, #2571-meta, #2886-meta, #2973-meta