The The community site where WordPress code is created and shared by the users. This is where you can download the source code for WordPress core, plugins and themes as well as the central location for community conversations and organization. front page is the portal for WordPress contributors. It will provide an overview of all WordPress contributions based on the various make P2s and provide an easy way to get involved with any aspect of the WordPress project.


The front page has several goals:

  • provide a portal for both new and old contributors
  • show the latest activity from each contributor team
  • show the best communication method to contact any contributor team
  • make it easy to get involved with any part of the project


The primary team identified as a stakeholder is the community team. However, every other team has a stake in this project as an entry point to their respective contribution area.

@jenmylo has volunteered to own this project.

@samuelsidler will project manage and work with the community team on. Because this is a project that affects all of WordPress, primary communication will take place on the meta P2.


To complete the goals of this project, we’ve identified two features the front page needs:

  1. latest updates from each contributor team
  2. a “get involved” form backed by a team to respond to new contributors

Additionally, due to the growing size of the WordPress project, the following pages are needed:

  1. /blog/ which will be manned by the community team as an outreach mechanism
  2. /chats/ to list all SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at channels used in the project and upcoming chats across contributor groups

To ensure we complete our goals, we’ll use the following metrics:

  • analytics from the front page to see where visitors are going
  • stats from the get involved form to determine where new contributors are most interested (note: if we do well here, we’ll have a good idea of resources we need to improve across the community)

Components can be broken up into four components, each with their own specific tasks.


Designs need to be created for:

  • front page
  • blog page
  • irc chats page

Completed Steps:

Next Steps:

  • Create irc chats page
  • Create blog

Front Page

The front page is the most important page for this project and the highest priority one. The current mockup proposes a list of teams and their meetings times, which is easy to implement.

Completed Steps:

  • create content for front page
  • create theme based on designs

No next steps. This item has been completed.

Get Involved Form

The get involved form will be an easy way for new contributors to find an area of the WordPress project they wish to help with. A lot of inspiration for it was taken from the Mozilla Get Involved page, which lists current areas you can get involved and includes a form to get you started. Our form will be backed by a SupportPress install, allowing contributors from different teams to respond to new recruits.

Completed Steps:

  • basic design created for form on front page
  • SupportPress install setup

Next Steps:

  • implement design for get involved form

Separately, the community team is working on a “flow” for new contributors as they come in from the get involved form. After we have a good idea of what will be expected, the community team will call for volunteers to respond to these SupportPress submissions.