Setting Up New Make Sites

Every team gets a free site on Currently, we use the P2 theme on all team sites. If you’re starting a new team or (more likely) splitting off from another team, contact the team in #meta about your needs.

Setup Setup

Only super admins can perform the initial setup.

Because WordPress is wonderful, all you’ll need to do is create a new site in WordPress and “flip the switch.” Ensure that the “P2 for” theme is enabled and the only one installed on the site.

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Migrating Content Migrating Content


But if you have to, contact @coffee2code or @Otto42 and have them do it for you. There are interesting weird situations on with migrating content from one make site to another. The regular Import tool has been disabled for this reason.

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Handbooks Handbooks

Hopefully, the new team will want a handbook! Setting up the handbook only requires enabling the handbook plugin and following the process outlined in this documentation.

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Blue Box Blue Box

Most teams have a “blue box” on their homepage with an introduction on how to get involved and other related information (notably, this team does not).

To add a “blue box” to a team’s homepage, do the follow:

  1. Create a new page called “Welcome” with the slug of “welcome.”
  2. Copy the HTML from another team’s welcome page and paste it into the new page.
  3. Update the text.
  4. The end.

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Icons, Home, etc Icons, Home, etc

Teams should be listed on the homepage. The team lead should provide the following:

  • Dashicon to represent the team
  • Brief summary of the team (see the homepage for examples)
  • Weekly chat time and day

One you’ve received that information, you’ll need to update in a couple of places.

  1. The icon in the <h2> header of each make site is updated in wp4.css.
  2. Be sure to clear the cache in header.php.
  3. The icon on the make homepage needs to be updated within the make theme.
  4. Be sure to clear the cache in functions.php.
  5. After step 2 has been completed, add a new “site” to and fill in the information from above.

That’s it! Happy contributing!