Feature Plugin Treatment

When a feature plugin gets created, we offer them the full “treatment” across WordPress.org. There are a number of pieces involved and this page documents them.

Slack Slack

A few things can/should be done on Slack.

  • A new channel needs to be created in the form of #feature-name.
  • If the plugin is using GitHub and wants comments or issues to appear in-channel, the integration needs to be added.

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Beta Testing, GitHub Integration Beta Testing, GitHub Integration

The beta testing tab in the WordPress plugin directory – both online and in-product – should be updated to include the feature plugin. There is also an optional GitHub integration available.

  • Update the plugins API include file to account for the new feature plugin. You’ll need the ID of the feature plugin.
  • Optional: If a feature plugin wants daily updates automatically synced from a GitHub repository, update the relevant file in the meta repository.

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Other things Other things