Matrix chat Summary, April 6, 2023

@akirk led the chat #meta channel of the Make WordPress Slack.

We didn’t have a set agenda this time, so we followed up on some discussion points of the last chat. Below I am mostly quoting myself from the chat. No further questions were asked.

MigrationMigration Moving the code, database and media files for a website site from one server to another. Most typically done when changing hosting companies. of Messages from SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at to Matrix

A big part of the last discussion was around message migration and how to deal with public and private messages. We’ve done some more research on migrating public messages and are currently evaluating whether the Slack Matrix migration tool could work for us. It operates on Slack export files and requires a fresh Synapse server.

We haven’t yet been able to confirm whether it actually can import the messages and hope to be able to share more on the next meeting.

For migrating private messages in DMs or private groups we’ve concluded that we won’t want to attempt their migration but will look into providing tools for achieving that.

Here we’ve found that browser extensions exist which allow you to download your own Slack direct messages inside your browser as a text file. Possibly it’ll be our recommendation to use those tools to export the messages for yourself.

AccessibilityAccessibility Accessibility (commonly shortened to a11y) refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people with disabilities. The concept of accessible design ensures both “direct access” (i.e. unassisted) and “indirect access” meaning compatibility with a person’s assistive technology (for example, computer screen readers). (

Another topic that was mentioned was around accessibility concerns of Matrix clients. Regarding this I would like to share this article by Marco Zehe who is an accessibility engineer and evangelist at Mozilla who have switched to Matrix in 2020

How to use Element and Matrix with a screen reader

@psrpinto remarked on this:

In the post they mention a matrix room dedicated to accessibility on Element:

I also find this quote encouraging:

Big thanks also go out to the members of the Matrix and Element teams who were super responsive to accessibility concerns

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Thursday, April 20, 2023 at 10:00 AM UTC.