WordCamp US Contributor Day: What Should We Work On?

It looks like we’ve got about a dozen people so far who have listed the Meta team as their preference for WCUS Contributor Day (Sunday, December 9th). How best can we spend our time together?

Here are a few ideas:

  • A scrub for tickets that have patches and need a little jumpstart
  • Work on a tough bug that has been lingering a long time, like #703
  • Improvements to the Meta Environment

Other ideas?

We’ll also have thumb drives available pre-loaded with the Meta Environment to help with onboarding new contributors.

cc @RMarks @nvwd @metalandcoffee @iandunn @julienmelissas @obenland @icaleb @drewapicture @jonoalderson @otto42 @hiddenpearls @joostdevalk