New About page

@tellyworth, @dd32, and I compiled a list of the remaining tasks for #3046. To help with transparency and community feedback, I’ll repost those here as well.

  • New logo page redesign – implementation done this week (@obenland)
  • Navigation – decide on the design and implement (@obenland)
  • Enable main theme on (@dd32)
  • Replace prefixed translation strings (@dd32)
  • Decide how to keep new pages in sync, and implement (@dd32)
  • Write a script to add pages to Rosetta sites (@dd32)
  • Back up old About page images (@dd32)
  • Find a way to add links to About page into main Rosetta navigation (@dd32)
  • Make sure navigation works for extra child pages on Rosetta sites (@dd32)
  • Decide on how to handle translated slugs, and implement (@dd32)