Experiment: WordCamp.org bug scrubs

There are a lot of open WordCamp-related tickets in Meta Trac that don’t get much attention. Some of them even have patches ready to go. The problem is that each ticket requires discussion and testing before it can be resolved, and we don’t currently have the bandwidth to keep up with it all.

Here’s what I think an ideal ticket workflow looks like:

  1. Ticket is opened
  2. Ticket issue is confirmed and the ticket is accepted
  3. Patch(es) added to the ticket
  4. Patch code is reviewed
  5. Patch is tested against issue’s reproduction steps
  6. Patch is confirmed and committed
  7. Ticket is closed

When multiple people collaborate on tickets, getting through these steps is much faster. I’d like to propose that we try having scheduled meetings in the meta-wordcamp Slack channel to work through tickets together. We could model this after Core bug scrubs, and with at least 3-5 people attending, we might be able to make progress on several tickets each time.

I’d like to try doing them every two weeks. My preference would be *every other Tuesday at* 17:00 UTC, but I’m open to other time slots if they can accommodate more people.

Leave a comment here if you’re interested in participating, and whether that time and date would work for you.

cc @grapplerulrich @sergey @miss_jwo @brashrebel @iandunn @shadyvb