Handbook Redesign

The Handbooks are slowly being updated to the o2 theme (Breathe). With this upgrade, I’ve been thinking about how we present our documentation, reference materials, etc. While Breathe was definitely refreshing, there’s still some experience issues I need to work through.


Right now, the amount of floating menus on the page is too many. When navigating to a Handbook page there’s a floating menu on the left side, and possibly another floating menu on the right side for in-page navigation. This compresses the initial intro of the document a user might be reading causing some confusion with its odd flow of characters.

Current Handbook



I believe we could alleviate some of this by anchoring the left side menu a bit better and structuring these pages to appear more like a true documentation portal. I made a few changes in Inspector within the browser and came up with something like this (b/c of this there’s no mobile version yet):



Some PROS and CONS are mentioned in a conversation here: https://meta.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/2389


Please leave some feedback here in the comments or on the actual ticket. Everything is helpful. I’m personally struggling with the floating right-side menu. There’s been some good ideas for solutions, what’s yours? If you have a few minutes to take a brief survey regarding the Handbook usage, please do! Handbook Usage Survey


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