Plugin Directory Meeting Summary (8/18)

This is a summary of the Plugin Directory chat from August 18. (Slack log)

Attendees: @SergeyBiryukov, @mapk, @webdevmattcrom, @kevinwhoffman, @deblynprado, @Otto42, @Ipstenu, @dd32, @jcastaneda, @obenland


  • Review M6
    Five tickets were closed. Favorites have a UI now, which @dd32 had largely done earlier. We decided last week to postpone #1691-meta to Milestone 7 so @ocean90 has more availability to give advise on how to move forward there. For #1579 @dd32 committed @tellyworth’s patch.
  • Planning M7
    #1579 and #1691 were taken over from last milestone. After last weeks review of feedback items, #1810 and #1828 were identified as important tickets needed to move forward, so those were moved into M7 as well. #1810 is pretty far already, likely be fixed soon. #1828 will need some more attention, namely a decision on how screenshots should be displayed by next weeks meeting (@mapk). Additionally #1839 and #1841 were added to the milestone since they should be fairly easy to fix.
  • Open Floor
    @webdevmattcrom is working with @mapk on adding additional info to search results: Mockup.

The next meeting is on Thursday August 25, 00:00 UTC.