Meta Environment Now Supports Contributing with Git

The Meta Environment has always managed its core functionality in Git, but up until now, it used Subversion to check out the actual files that make up each Meta website. New contributors are much more likely to be familiar with Git than SVN, though. Requiring them to learn SVN in addition to all of  our other tools and processes introduced an unnecessary burden.

The goal of the Environment is to help make contributing as easy as possible, so it makes sense to switch to Git instead. As of today, that switch is complete, and new installations will use Git automatically.

The two exceptions are: 1) Any plugin or theme that doesn’t have an official Git mirror; 2) the entire site, since it’s in the process of migrating to GlotPress 2. In those cases, SVN is still used.

If you have an existing installation, it will continue to use Subversion until you git pull the latest copy of the Environment, and run vagrant provision. During that provision, each site’s public_html folder will be backed up to public_html-old-svn-backup, and a new Git-based public_html folder will be provisioned. If you’re working on any unfinished patches, just copy the modified files from the old directory to the new one.

If you’d like to learn more about contributing with Git, check out this guide from the Meta Handbook:

Contributing With Git