Plugin Directory v3 Chat Summary (6/1)

This is a summary of the Plugin Directory chat from June 1. (Slack log)

Attendees: @dd32, @samuelsidler@mapk, @pento, @tellyworth, @obenland


  • Review M4
    M4 had eight tickets assigned to it, four were fixed by the time of the meeting. #1575 had a patch for the non-open-sourced part that was committed a day later and fixed the ticket. There was some follow-up work that re-instated using the old directory as the data source but largely satisfied the requirements. #1579 was waiting for a commit. #1722 was moved into M5, waiting for a final commit later that week. #1692 was also moved into M5, waiting for more updates.
  • Plan M5
    After our prioritization pow wow the week before, M5 almost planned itself. #1720, #1573, #1578, and #1691 sat atop of the list and need most attention. #1742 was also added to the milestone, as a left-over task from #1575.

The next meeting is on Thursday June 9, 00:00 UTC.