Plugin Directory Prototypes

When we created the design for the ‘Get WordPress’ page, it was meant to set a new design standard for sites. As a result, here are here are some new designs for the home page and search results page of the Plugin Directory.

Keep in mind that these are still preliminary and the content is not accurate.


You can play around with the prototypes here:




Search Results

Search Results



  1. Homepage
    1. Again, individual plugin information is not accurate.
    2. The terminology for “pro” and “light” are explorations for design purposes. (Look for a taxonomy post on this blog in the near future.)
    3. The three sections at the bottom will have links to their respective subpages.
  2. Search Results
    1. Typing a keyword in the search field will replace the content area with search results.
    2. Pagination still needs some work.

We continue to iterate quickly and a second post on the design of the plugin detail page is forthcoming.

If you have any feedback on the design, please comment below. We’d love to know what you think! 🙂

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