Project Updates: Meta Environment, WordCamp Payments, and WPTV

Since WCSF, we’ve made significant improvements to the Meta Environment, launched the WordCamp Payments plugin, and open-sourced

Meta Environment

The Meta Environment has seen a lot of improvements since it was introduced in June, especially in the past few weeks.

  • We’ve added,,,, and
  • It’s also transitioned from being a full fork of Varying Vagrant Vagrants, to being only the scripts needed to provision the sites into an existing VVV installation, which is a huge win for maintainability.
  • Also dozens of smaller tweaks and improvements.

So far the feedback has all been positive, and I think it’s becoming a useful tool for contributors. props to @netweb, @iamfriendly, and @miyauchi for their contributions.

WordCamp Payments

The new WordCamp Payments plugin has launched, along with the corresponding Payments Dashboard plugin by @kovshenin. These plugins provide a centralized and streamlined way for WordCamp organizers to request payments to their vendors by WordCamp Central, which will save a lot of time over the current method.

We’ve also discussed here, and here expanding the plugins to include sponsor invoices as well.

The theme and plugins[1] for are now open source, thanks to @obenland, and some improvements are already being planned by the WPTV moderators.

It’s also been added to the Meta Environment to make contributing easier.

[1] – Since it’s hosted on, the plugins are bundled in a plugins folder inside the theme, which is the convention for VIP sites.

Get Involved

In addition to contributing to the projects above, there’s been some recent discussions — here, and here — on an invoicing feature for CampTix, which would save a lot of time for WordCamp organizers.

If you’d like to help out, read through the chat transcripts, and then submit a patch to #103 on GitHub.

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