Seeking 2 moderators for

We’re looking for two moderators to take on

What is is a site where people can list WordPress jobs. There is no charge for people to list jobs. Jobs include everything from one-off contracts to full-time positions. It was set up by Mark Ghosh (from WeblogToolsCollection) but he’s decided to take a step back from it so we’d like to find a couple of volunteers to take it over.

What does moderation involve?

Moderation will involve reviewing the job descriptions and posting them to the site. Jobs need to be moderated on a daily basis (during normal weekdays) by a member of the moderation team. We think that this will take about 30 minutes cumulatively per day, though once you become a moderation ninja no doubt you’ll whizz through them.

We’ve drawn up a set up posting criteria that you’ll check jobs against. We’re also open to any ideas regarding the future direction of the website. It has the potential to be a great resource with the right people driving it forward.

We are working on a redesign of the website so very soon it’ll be something that you’ll be proud to be caretaker of!

What skills do I need?

  • an eye for detail
  • keen spam-fighting skills
  • the ability to make sure postings fit the guidelines
  • a nose for making improvements and creating a great experience

What’s in it for me?

I’d love to say power, glory, and wealth, but like all voluntary positions, that wouldn’t necessarily be true 🙂 . What you will get is the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped to maintain and grow an important WordPress community resource (and perhaps a little bit of glory).

Cool! How do I sign up?

Leave a message in the comments to let us know that you’re interested and we’ll get back to you.