Update on the Media Corps Process and Open Call for Participation

Based on feedback and the desire to streamline processes, the Media Corps team recommends updating how it identifies and reviews potential media partners to optimize the process for ramping up the Media Corps experiment.

Proposed self-assessment process

We’d like to invite media members and independent marketers/content creators to self-assess their eligibility for the WordPress Media Corps experiment. Rather than the contributors on the Media Corps team manually identifying and selecting a group of media partners—which could lead to inadvertently excluding qualified candidates—the experiment will welcome anyone who meets the criteria and is genuinely interested in participating by completing a self-assessment form. Potential partners will self-certify (via a form) that they meet the criteria before participating.

Why this change?

This updated approach aims to provide a more transparent, inclusive, and streamlined process for identifying media partners. By allowing media partners to self-assess and express interest directly, we hope to:

  • Provide an opportunity for all qualified and interested media folks to put themselves forward and participate in this initiative.
  • Make the process more open without requiring the contributor group to follow an internal vetting process, which could also require substantial time and effort.

Call for participation

If you’re interested in joining and helping shape the Media Corps experiment, we encourage you to:

  1. Review the Media Corps criteria below and assess if your content aligns with it.
  2. Complete this self-assessment form.

Media partner criteria

As a reminder, the Media Corps is initially looking to collaborate with partners that:

  • Have a focus on producing content that is at least 80% about WordPress.
  • Report factual news or produce relevant educational content: The Media Corps experiment looks to collaborate with partners who inform and teach their audiences about relevant WordPress news and topics rather than those who primarily deliver opinion-focused content. Educational content can include interviews/Q&A with community members or subject matter experts, guides, success stories (real-world examples), etc. Occasional editorial pieces do not compromise a media partner’s status. However, any content is expected to be well-informed and presented in a manner that fosters constructive dialogue.
  • Maintain high standards of content quality and journalistic integrity. Within the context of the WordPress project, content quality standards refer to content that is accurate, clear, relevant, and free from grammatical errors (including correct usage of the WordPress brand name). Other journalism standards include fact-checking, objectivity, respect in conduct/interaction with sources, and public accountability (responsiveness to corrections of errors or inaccuracies in reporting).
  • Adhere to WordPress community guidelines. The WordPress community and ecosystem are open to all races, genders, creeds, and ages. We expect media partners to act in ways that support the principles of the WordPress project and contribute to an open, welcoming, diverse, and inclusive community.
  • Respect and handle information sensitivities (if any) responsibly.

What to expect as a media partner

By becoming a media partner for the Media Corps experiment, you can:

  • Share feedback to help shape the implementation phase and briefing topics.
  • Participate in regular briefings to stay updated on the latest WordPress news and developments.
  • Connect with other media partners and subject matter experts in the community.

Next steps

Contributors on the Media Corps team will review the submitted information in batches to ensure it aligns with the criteria. This allows media partners to do the self-assessment on a timeframe that works for them while allowing us to incorporate media partners on a practical rolling basis. 

The first batch of media partners should complete their self-assessments by June 25, 2024, so that the Media Corps contributor group can review the submitted information before the first briefing takes place (date to be decided). The next batch of self-assessments can be submitted after June 25 to be reviewed by the contributor group before July 29, 2024 (tentatively, final date to be decided).

That way, media partners don’t have to worry about “missing a deadline,” but it still gives Media Corps contributors enough time to check the information submitted.

Share your feedback

We welcome your feedback on this new proposed process and the self-assessment form.

  • Is there any additional information that would be helpful to include in the self-assessment form?
  • For transparency and accountability, we are considering making the submitted responses for each self-assessment public (on a view-only spreadsheet). Are there any potential issues or concerns we should keep in mind?

If you have any questions, please share them in the comments.

Thank you to @bernard0omnisend, @dansoschin, @mohiuddinomran, @mpcdigital, and @raewrites for review and feedback.