WordPress 5.3 “Kirk” releases with help from our largest contributor team ever

WordPress is thrilled to announce the release of 5.3 “Kirk”, which was created by our largest and most diverse contributor team ever! No less than 645 amazing volunteers from 56 countries helped put together this release.

Graph showing the number of contributors by country.
The WordPress Team for the 5.3 “Kirk” release was the largest ever in terms of the number of contributors working on the release. More than 645 contributors from over 56 countries participated in the release!

Introducing Twenty Twenty

Kirk includes more than 150 new features and a new default theme, Twenty Twenty. It also addresses more than 650 bugs and improves seven coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. blocks, making it one of the most impactful releases ever.

Read the full list of changes in the WordPress 5.3 release announcement post: https://wordpress.org/news/2019/11/kirk/

With the new enhancements to the BlockBlock Block is the abstract term used to describe units of markup that, composed together, form the content or layout of a webpage using the WordPress editor. The idea combines concepts of what in the past may have achieved with shortcodes, custom HTML, and embed discovery into a single consistent API and user experience. Editor, you can use your imagination to share your ideas and content. Whether marketer or musician, we all love the flexibility to be creative. Much like Kirk, who could play multiple instruments and often paired them together to make new combinations, the new Group Block lets content creators combine blocks and pair them together to create new and beautiful designs with ease. Creating content has never been more effortless.

Download WordPress 5.3: https://wordpress.org/download/

Still using the Classic Editor? 

Start using the Block Editor today and experience new publishing freedom. You will be able to create more beautiful content with less effort and technical knowledge. Experience the magic of blocks today!

Try GutenbergGutenberg The Gutenberg project is the new Editor Interface for WordPress. The editor improves the process and experience of creating new content, making writing rich content much simpler. It uses ‘blocks’ to add richness rather than shortcodes, custom HTML etc. https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/: https://wordpress.org/gutenberg/ 

Upgrade to WordPress 5.3

Kirk is the most intuitive version of WordPress and performs beautifully right out of the box, with a gorgeous Gutenberg-ready theme and native blocks to create anything you can imagine. Upgrade quickly and easily by clicking the update button in your WordPress dashboard.

Experience Twenty Twenty: https://wordpress.org/themes/twentytwenty/ 

Marketing Contributors

Special thanks to all of the contributor teams that made WordPress 5.3 possible! In particular we would like to recognize the Marketing contributors for the 5.3 release:

Mike Reid, Sebastian Koch, Aurooba Ahmed, Meg Phillips, Yvette Sonneveld, Olga Gleckler, Abha Thakor, Mike Allen

Contributor data provided by Jb Audras.

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