Video Roundup: Tips for Organizing a WordPress Contribution Event

Are you planning to organize a contribution event for WordPress, like a contributor day at a WordCamp? Learn from the best! We’ve rounded up some great videos from WordCamps around the world. In these videos, you’ll learn what you need to think of while planning, but also how to market your day or sessions to both new and established contributors.

In this third in the series of blogs, you will find just some of the wonderful visual resources available on that help you recruit attendees and plan your events. Previous blogs are how to contribute to WordPress and becoming part of the WordPress community. On to the videos about organizing a contribution event! Videos on Organizing a Contribution Event

We have selected three videos that cover important aspects of organizing a contribution event. If you feel inspired, head over to There are loads more videos on the subject there!

Standalone contributor days

In Italy, standalone contributor days have been used to build up interest and understanding of what it means to be part of the international open source project Francesca Marano explores how other groups can use similar techniques to develop a following and encourage MeetUps and WordCamps in their locality. This inspirational talk also covers how to create a login and a Slack account, two of the tools people will need to join and communicate with WordPress’s team of contributors.

Francesca Marano discusses standalone contributor days

The benefits of holding a contribution event

If you are unsure of the benefits of holding a contribution event or the range of ways you can get involved, this video is for you. In this interview with Rocio Valdivia about the 500-strong WordCamp Europe contributor day in 2017, you’ll find great quotes about shared learning and experience. Also: how working together and attending an event can expand your network. It’s not just the project but the people, who benefit from contributing!

Interview on summary of contributor day at WordCamp Europe 2017 – Rocio Valdivia

Guide to organizing a contributor event

For further inspiration on designing a contributor event, watch Sonja Leix’s talk. It provides a step-by-step guide to organizing contributor days, contributor nights and special MeetUp events focused on individual Make WordPress teams. It also has ideas for how to support people who want to get started with developing WordPress.

Sonja Leix on designing for the community

Join this blog series team!

If you would like to contribute to WordPress at an event, or from work or home, helping out with this blog series can be an easy way to join the community or try something new.

You can add to a shared spreadsheet of video links from WordPress.TV, videos that you think highlight the community. You can review a recording on the list for sound quality and key learning points, or subtitle one of the short films to help make the library on WPtv more inclusive.

Join the Make WordPress Marketing Team on slack to find out more. You can also contact either @webcommsat or @siobhanseija.

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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this post and everyone that continues to help us identify and review videos. Also to @webcommsat and @siobhanseija for leading this initiative and this blog series.

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Video Roundup: How to Contribute to WordPress

Did you know there are excellent video resources which can help you contribute to the community and market We've selected some videos from presentations at WordCamps across the world.

Did you know there are excellent video resources which can help you contribute to the WordPress Project? We’ve selected some videos from presentations at WordCamps across the world. They can be useful if you are curious about Contributor Days or preparing to lead a table at an event. Of course, they’re also interesting if you’re new to contributing!

In a series of blogs, we are highlighting a selection of videos on which have been identified by members of the WordPress community as good marketing resources.

In this first blog, we are sharing three videos which help to explain how you can start making or support others in getting started on their volunteer journey. Videos on Contributing to WordPress

Have you ever wondered how you could start contributing to WordPress, or wanted tips on sustaining your contributions? Here are some videos that can help.

Contributing to WordPress Panel

First up, discover how a group of individuals got involved in contributing to the community as they share some tips from their experiences.

Join Kathryn Presner, Yannick Lefebvre, Miriam Goldman, and Mel Choyce in their open discussion at WordCamp Montreal 2017. They talk about the different teams that work on and share tips that just might inspire you to start contributing.

Beginners Guide to Contributions

If you are new to adding to open source projects or unsure of where to start in contributing to WordPress, this video is ideal to watch. Featuring a talk by Josepha Haden, this video shows some of the ways you can get involved with the WordPress Project. Additionally, she encourages long-time contributors to support and encourage first-time contributions.

Josepha’s beginner’s guide to contributions were recorded at WordCamp US 2017. It’s a great talk that helps you, or anyone you’re supporting in this, find their place as a WordPress contributor.

Techniques for Contributing to WordPress Core

Felix Arntz presented a useful guide to contributing to WordPress core and techniques for successful long-term contributions. His talk explores how you can make your volunteer time more efficient, how to find access to developer groups, and how you can make your ideas heard.

This is a very inspiring talk by core contributor Felix, recorded at WordCamp US 2017. Follow him through his life story up to now, and what WordPress has done for him. It is interesting for non-developers as well!

Contribute by Subtitling Videos hosts thousands of valuable and fun videos like the three highlighted in this post. At the moment, most of them lack subtitles.

Did you know submitting subtitles is a great way to contribute? It helps improve the accessibility of the videos, and by that their reach. There are tools that make this process easy, so why not try? Subtitles are important and we’d love for you to help out by adding subtitles.

Thank you to the speakers featured, everyone who has contributed to and continues to identify and review videos for marketing WordPress and the community. Thanks to @webcommsat and @siobhanseija for leading this initiative and developing the series.


Contributor Day Onboarding Guide – Spain

This is a consumable PDF handout for to help with onboarding on Contributor Day for the team in Spain.

Bienvenidos y Gracias

Trae tu portátil y no olvides el cargador.

Regístrate para crear una cuenta (

Hazte una cuenta WordPress Slack.

  • Haz el Login con tu cuenta en este link:
  • Registra la cuenta en Slack a través de este enlace introduciendo tu nombre de usuario de
  • A ser posible, utiliza el mismo nombre de usuario en Slack y
  • Tras darte de alta en WordPress Slack y por tener una cuenta de, automáticamente se te asignará un correo electrónico del estilo a tu perfil. Es muy importante en caso de que olvidaras tu contraseña.
  • Busca el canal adecuado y únete.
  • Agradeceremos si subes una foto para que te podamos reconocer.

Es posible que necesites echarle un ojo a la guía de iniciación rápida

Es posible que necesites crear una cuenta de Trello o Asana.

Algunos equipos como el de Diseño o el de Comunidad usan estas aplicaciones para gestionar sus tareas.

– Trello :

– Asana :



Contributor Day Onboarding Guide – Training Team

Training Team Specific Contributor Day Onboarding GuideContributor Days are awesome. People are excited. Sometimes, though, the excitement is tempered by mild to moderate frustration with getting set up on all of the tools.

The Marketing Team made a generic one but the training team asked for a specific one.

Please feel free to download, email, print (responsibly), etc.

Contributor Day

The Training Team Welcomes & Thanks You!

  • Please bring your laptop and charger.
  • Please register for a Account.
  • Create a WordPress Slack Account.
    • Login with your account on this link:
    • Scroll on that page to “Joining the WordPress team on Slack” and enter your email address.
    • If you can, make your Slack and usernames the same.
    • After you sign up for WordPress Slack, the email associated with your Slack username will be [wporgusername] This is important if you forget your password.
    • Find the #training channel and join.
    • Bonus points for uploading a photo and completing your bio so people can recognize you and know a little bit about you.
  • You may need a Trello Account.
    • Our team uses Trello to manage tasks and lesson plans.
    • Sign up:
    • Training Team Board:
  • You may need a GitHub Account
    • Our team uses GitHub to build our lesson plans.
    • Sign up:
    • Training Team Organization:

More information is available on our blog at:


Contributor Day Benvenuto e Grazie

I Contributor Days sono fantastici. Le persone sono eccitate. A volte, tuttavia, l’eccitazione è attenuata da una moderata frustrazione per l’impostazione di tutti gli strumenti. Con il feedback del nostro team e di altri, abbiamo deciso di prendere una certa iniziativa e creare una guida per l’onboarding di Contributor Day.

Questa immagine mostra la documentazione in formato PDF consumabile per aiutare con l'onboarding per i giorni di contribuzione in italiano.

Questa immagine mostra la documentazione in formato PDF consumabile per aiutare con l’onboarding per i giorni di contribuzione in italiano.

Contributor Day Benvenuto e Grazie

  • Porta con te il computer portatile ed il cavo per la ricarica.
  • Registra un account su
  • Crea un account su
  • Fai login con il tuo account di su
  • A quella pagina cerca ‘Joining the WordPress team on Slack’ ed inserisci il tuo indirizzo email
  • Se puoi, fai in modo che il tuo username di Slack e di siano gli stessi
  • Dopo aver fatto login su, la email associata al tuo username di Slack sarà: [wporgusername] Questa informazione è importante nel caso tu dimenticassi la password di
  • Cerca i canali che ti interessano ed entra.
  • E’ preferibile completare il proprio profilo con il tuo nome ed una foto in cui tu sia riconoscibile
  • Potrebbe essere necessario fare riferimento alla Trac Onboarding Guide
  • Potrebbe essere necessario creare un account di Trello.
    Alcuni team, come Design e Marketing, utilizzano Trello per gestire i task

Translation by Francesco Di Candia (@francescodicandia).

Scarica il PDF qui.


WCEU Contributor Day – Marketing the Community Project List

Marketing the Community WCEU Contributor Day Project List

In our May 3, 2017, meeting, the Marketing the Community subgroup spent our time building a list of projects for Contributor Day. These are our meeting notes as well.

My goal for this day is to align your passion as a contributor in teams of two or three people. Let’s be agile.

What are we missing?

Tell us in the comments.

Overall Goals:

  • Coordinating subgroups suggested by @davidvee
  • Soliciting financial support for marketing WP by @davidvee
  • Creating amazing content to use in those marketing efforts @jenblogs4u
  • Changing time of Marketing Channel to 9am PDT and letting each subgroup have their own Slack channel to collaborate throughout the month @gidgey
  • Cross-Team Info Sharing @mcdwayne
  • Clearer ‘getting started’ notes for newcomers (especially since the monthly slack meetings are a tad chaotic) @mcdwayne
  • A project management board (Trello vs Asana vs Jira, etc) @mcdwayne
  • Clearer goals and timelines for deliverables @mcdwayne
  • Moving to a video call system for the monthly meetings.  Slack is awesome for points of data but group discussions tend to become unfollowable at some point.  @mcdwayne
  • Move to an Agile approach with a SCRUM master leading each meeting @mcdwayne

Action Plan for WCEU:

  • Change time to 9am PDT and discuss implementing Google calls to enhance meeting structure.
  • Austin meetup will record WP testimonials and donate video to ad/marketing efforts.
  • Discuss personas and how to engage
  • Review and discuss funding operations for the WordPress Community regarding nonprofit versus commercial activities and how that has evolved, organized, and for sponsor rules at WordCamps. Maybe it should be addressed differently for marketing needs.
  • Discuss involving sponsors in marketing efforts.
  • Create a guide for new folks on how to approach local businesses for sponsorships.


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