Agenda: Global Marketing Team meeting 29 July 2020

Diary dates for the w/c 29 July 2020.

The next meeting will take place on Wednesday 29 July 2020 at 14:00 UTC in the Global WordPress SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at #marketing channel.

Thank you to the Team Reps group and members for their contributions towards this document. If you are reading this on another website and not the, please note that we may not be aware of any responses or offers to contribute you make on other sites.


  1. Welcome, attendance, notes (including a review of draft summaries and actions in the Google document).
    We encourage asynchronous contributions in Slack for the 48 hours after a meeting (until 14:00 UTC on Fridays) to help with different timezones.
  2. Quick peek in our daily lives
  3. A special welcome to new attendees

Task, working groups and team celebration

4. Celebration time – let’s celebrate our WordPress Marketing accomplishment! 
This will be combined with highlights from last week’s collaborations to allow us more time for collaboration work.

Summaries of tasks from the last week

5. Onboarding videos 
These are added to the WordPress Contributor Day Handbook on GitHub when complete. If you can help with these, please contact @webcommsat, @OGlekler or @marks99.
Examples of the video step-by-step guides to set up and Make WordPress Slack accounts.

6. MeetupMeetup All local/regional gatherings that are officially a part of the WordPress world but are not WordCamps are organized through A meetup is typically a chance for local WordPress users to get together and share new ideas and seek help from one another. Searching for ‘WordPress’ on will help you find options in your area. survey promotions and updates
If you are a Meetup organizer, please fill in our survey to help us help you in your marketing.

7. Diverse speaker training working group event promotions
You can help amplify the social media promotions – search using #WPDiversity on the WordCamp on Twitter, WordCamp Facebook and Make WordPress Marketing Team on LinkedIn.

8. WordPress 5 Marketing and HelpHub update

9. Staying Connected events and activities


10. Collaboration time

  • Marketing the Tide Team – the third session of this collaboration which will be led by @mikerbg and with a member of the Tide Team. We intend to use Google Meet with live captioning, Slack and Google Docs.
  • Video conferencing call for those supporting the Q&A tasks
    15:30 UTC
     (later start than usual for this week only).
    More on our Questions and Answers work to help promote WordPress Releases

Any other business/ awareness of other related Make WordPress tasks

11. AOB
You can also suggest to one of the team reps the day before the meeting if you have an idea for inclusion at a future meeting.

Planning for the week

12. Sub meetings in the forthcoming week.

The meeting will be formally closed at the end of the collaborations session.

Diary dates

If you need accessibilityAccessibility Accessibility (commonly shortened to a11y) refers to the design of products, devices, services, or environments for people with disabilities. The concept of accessible design ensures both “direct access” (i.e. unassisted) and “indirect access” meaning compatibility with a person’s assistive technology (for example, computer screen readers). ( support to participate in any of our work and meetings, please let one of the team reps know in the marketing channel, and we are keen to try and help.

Tuesday 28 July 2020 – 14:00 UTC – gathering comments on HelpHub recategorization relating to Q&A and ‘how to’ marketing / communications information. @estelaris from the design team will be with us. Trello card.

Wednesday 29 July 2020, 14:00 UTC – Global WordPress Marketing Team including the third session collaborating on the Tide team promotion.

Wednesday 29 July 2020, 15.30 UTC – meeting for those supporting the 5.5 Release Q&A

Thursday 30 July 2020, 19:30 UTC – Virtual Coffee Break on video conferencing

Monday 3 August 2020 – Planning meetings (times tbc)

Monday 3 August 2020 – 14:00-14:30 UTC – Q&As for developers/ Meetups for WordPress 5.5. Second follow-up meeting, if needed for Q&A and action group: 18:15 UTC.

Wednesday 5 August 2020, 14:00 UTC Global Marketing Team Meeting.
This will be followed by 15:15 UTC meeting on video continuing collaborations relating to the Q&As. 

Thursday 6 August 2020, 19:30 UTC – Virtual Coffee Break, on video conferencing and Slack for those unable to join on video.

Monday 10 August 2020, (Time tbc) – Q&As and related WordPress 5.5 release.

Wednesday 12 August 2020, 14:00 UTC Global Marketing Team Meeting 
This will be followed by 15:15 UTC meeting on video continuing collaborations/ sub meetings.

Thursday 13 August 2020, 19:30 UTC – Virtual Coffee Break, on video conferencing and Slack for those unable to join on video.

Staying Connected – advance event dates

Poetry competition now open

  • Entries now open
  • Closing date 31 August 2020, 17:00 UTC
  • Minimum two verses (stanzas), maximum four
  • Can be song lyrics, poem or guzzle
  • Can be in another language accompanied by an English translation
  • Can work on an entry individually or with one other person
  • Fun event

Wednesday 26 August 2020, 15:30 UTC – fun social quiz for the team, organized by @majaloncar

Thursday 17 September 2020, 17:00 UTC – Around the World quiz organized by @meher and promoting different cultures and countries in the WordPress community. Followed by a short virtual coffee break.

Useful resources


#5-5, #new-contributors, #tide

Q&As to help promote 5.5 Release

Update: Questions and Answers, a Social Media Amplification Pack, and a Presentation which can be adapted by Meetups are also available on the Marketing Team’s GitHub. We are moving our final drafts to GitHubGitHub GitHub is a website that offers online implementation of git repositories that can easily be shared, copied and modified by other developers. Public repositories are free to host, private repositories require a paid subscription. GitHub introduced the concept of the ‘pull request’ where code changes done in branches by contributors can be reviewed and discussed before being merged be the repository owner. to help developers support these materials and provide a short term ‘home’ for Meetups to access and test the style and usage of items produced for their needs.

Support for the communications and wider marketing of a release

In the Global Marketing Team, we are currently working with other teams on a task to support and promote the upcoming WordPress 5.5 Release. We have been bringing together questions from feedback appearing in a variety of sources, including:

  • support
  • interaction with Meetups on what they need
  • developers within the marketing team
  • and typical questions appearing in search and community channels

We also know from our previous work and discussions in the wider community, that more user-focused information would be valuable and help further improve the experience post-release. It would enable users and Meetups to more easily share the benefits of new features and improvements.

We are using this current work to better understand where we can help users find out more about the benefits and new features of a release. This builds on the feedback and need for user-focused information, which we have shared with members of the release teams in the last two cycles.

What are we seeking to do

Through ongoing discussion cross-teams and in the weekly dev-chat, we are collaborating with others and members of the release squad on a pilot of a question and answers (FAQs). We are also exploring how to improve our social media pack to better help Meetups.

We are monitoring dev-chat and dev-notes, field notes, tracTrac Trac is the place where contributors create issues for bugs or feature requests much like GitHub. tickets, and more, and pulling together the information which could be useful for end users. We are noting what this requires and potential solutions to difficulties experienced previously when creating marketing materials during a release cycle.

We are also identifying posts and other content on The community site where WordPress code is created and shared by the users. This is where you can download the source code for WordPress core, plugins and themes as well as the central location for community conversations and organization. which we could signpost and make it easier and a better user experience to find based on topic/ typical search questions, for example, dev-notes, documentation, training information, relevant support pages and more. We are focusing on the forthcoming 5.5 release for this pilot, which builds on previous collaboration between the Community, CoreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress., Marketing and Training Teams.

What topics in the release will you be drafting Q&As and social media posts?

We will be exploring information available on the following areas which are expected for the WordPress 5.5 release.

  • Lazy loading
  • Auto-update for plugins and themes 
  • jQuery
  • Image editor
  • XML sitemaps
  • GutenbergGutenberg The Gutenberg project is the new Editor Interface for WordPress. The editor improves the process and experience of creating new content, making writing rich content much simpler. It uses ‘blocks’ to add richness rather than shortcodes, custom HTML etc. update
  • BlockBlock Block is the abstract term used to describe units of markup that, composed together, form the content or layout of a webpage using the WordPress editor. The idea combines concepts of what in the past may have achieved with shortcodes, custom HTML, and embed discovery into a single consistent API and user experience. directory repository

If you want to help with these topics or want to contribute, join the #marketing channel or reach out directly to the following people in the Make WordPress SlackSlack Slack is a Collaborative Group Chat Platform The WordPress community has its own Slack Channel at @nullbyte, @vimes1984, @webcommsat

Please be aware that there has already been significant work into the documents in this pilot, and we might not be able to include your ideas in the first version of the questions and answers. But we will capture all the feedback made to help inform how we can support and promote releases and users going forward.

How will users find the information?

This is something we hope can be evaluated and tested through the work we are doing.

We have been liaising with the Documentation Team and Help Hub, and the Training Team and plans for a learning area in the future, and trying to better understand users’ communications needs from the questions relating to a release which go to support. Through this work on Questions and Answers, we believe we can also support these areas and the Core Team, and link in with what they already produce.

We have broken down users into two wide categories at this stage: users (assume non-developer background) and developers (assume new and experienced devs).

The final documents, which are orientated to developers, will be handed to the documentation team to publish them on the developer hub.

We are also working on an end-user centred Questions & Answers, incorporating typical questions as users start to use the latest release and its features. This content would go into the HelpHub to make it easier for users to find. In addition, it would assist the work Training Team is doing on lesson plans and more.

Thanks to everyone involved in the discussions, pilot, and who has submitted feedback and ideas for communicating releases to end users during recent releases.